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Maths Whizz

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Creole Tue 19-Jun-07 22:13:11

I've heard a lot about this online programme and I'm seriously thinking about joining.

Can you tell me your experiences please? I've looked at the demo and I am impressed, but would welcome some experiences before I sign up.


AngryMob Wed 20-Jun-07 00:27:56

My DCs liked having their own room and the shop, and enjoyed some of the graphics.
They also liked looking at their stats.
But after a few weeks it became very repetitive, and we found the site a bit clunky and old fashioned.
It would say it was fine for younger children, but it soon lost its' appeal for my 9 year old.
If you decide to buy after you've had your demo, email them to say you are not interested, and one of their sales team will phone you with a better price.

Homebird8 Wed 20-Jun-07 10:26:36

If you want a money off code for MathsWhizz then when you buy, say you heard about it through Mini IQ and use UK-0000833 as the voucher code. A trial month will only cost you £13.50 at the moment and all the children using it that I know, love it.

AngryMob Wed 20-Jun-07 10:41:16

Do you get commission for recommending it, Homebird?

LynetteScavo Wed 20-Jun-07 10:45:21

Initially DS1 loved it. The initial assesment was useful for me to find out his 'maths age'. After a couple of months though, he got bored, and I've now cancelled my registration, which was very easy to do.

Creole Wed 20-Jun-07 13:26:29

I thought with that voucher it's £19.99?

Homebird8 Wed 20-Jun-07 14:20:49

Hi Creole, Just for trial month subscriptions taken out in June and July they've reducced it again to £13.50 so now's the moment!

Homebird8 Wed 20-Jun-07 14:30:27

Angrymob, yes but I'm now only posting where people ask directly for ideas and MathsWhizz is part of my product range with Mini IQ. I only get a small amount but I think it's really good and as soon as DS1 starts school in September I'm going to get him started. DS2 is too little!

GirlySwot Wed 20-Jun-07 19:30:26

I signed my son up for Maths Whizz (age 8 yr3)and he likes it well enough without being sufficiently motivated to do it voluntarily. We have not been sufficiently disciplined to get the most out of it partly because we are unable to commit to a regular time. We were just talking about cancelling it this afternoon - my son has said he will do books instead.

The assessment was quite interesting although in some areas he was assessed as being more advanced than he was because he would just work out the sum in his head when it was trying to assess whether he knew a particular method.

The reports on progress and the amount of work that has been done are very good.

The kids only earn credits (the incentive) when they do new lessons (you don't get anything for revision), so I think there would be a danger of pushing them "ahead" rather than giving them practice and consolidating learning. If you thought your child was getting behind at school it could be a good way of getting them up to speed or maybe if you want to get them ahead for secondary entrance exams (I don't know how advanced it is).

I hav not finally decided whether to cancel and if I do I might come back to it at some point.

Hope this helps.

Homebird8 Thu 21-Jun-07 14:25:37

At the moment MathsWhizz goes up to year 7 but apparently years 8 and 9 are coming in September.

I'll mention the credits for revision thing to Whizz Education and you never know...

As with anything, it's horses for courses, some children are well motivated to do books, others like the computer. Books don't give the parent feedback though without them spending time checking through them!

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