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Starting College at 27..

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Mybambi Mon 22-Oct-18 21:03:04

Basically heading back to college next year (I will be 27) and I was feeling down looking thru Facebook.Loads are graduating and here I am only starting...
I am happy I am going back because I need to but I am raging at same time I didn't do it sooner..sad

Faster Mon 22-Oct-18 21:07:28

There’s no point holding onto the negative feelings about not doing it sooner. I went back into education at 25 to do a course I had dropped out of at 18! I was too young, toonwet behind the ears, I didn’t want it enough when I tried first time round.
Now is your time. I stress of beating yourself up try seeing how brilliant it is to stop, reassess and make a huge choice which will improve your life. It’s pretty amazing!

Faster Mon 22-Oct-18 21:07:55

*instead of beating yourself up

WomanOfTime Mon 22-Oct-18 21:14:30

I started university at 28. In my case I don't regret doing it sooner because I had no self-confidence and wouldn't have been able to complete the course. I was, however, worried about being too old, and when I mentioned graduating at an advanced age, I remember a friend telling me that that age would come soon enough anyway. I could be that age with a degree - or not do it, and be that age without one.

I also think you get more out of education at an older age as you have work to compare it to, and it's an active choice rather than just going along with what others your age are doing. I hope you enjoy your course!

anewyear Fri 26-Oct-18 15:59:53

I went back to college at 45 to gain a level 3 qualification in the area I work in 

ABitOTT Mon 29-Oct-18 23:04:44

DS did an access course last year as screwed up his A levels. He passed the course with 100% distinctions because he's more mature & knows what he wants from life. He's nearly 23 & started at a top 10 university earlier this month. Plenty of older students where he is, but he mixes with all ages.

I was 29 when I went back to education because I wanted to prove to myself I was more capable than my rubbish exam grades showed. Glad I did this as my example helped DS make his choice

Go for it OP. You're never too old!

Xiaoxiong Thu 01-Nov-18 13:08:59

A friend of mine has just started her degree at Oxford in her 30s. And when I graduated from university, one of the other kids in my year's granny got her law degree on the same day! She was in her 80s!

Namenic Tue 06-Nov-18 22:15:01

I’m sure you’ve got lots more life experience to help you along and will probably get more out of your degree now than before (I know I would have if I had done mine later)

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