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Am I being unreasonable?

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tabitha Wed 18-Aug-04 16:07:54

This is a bit of a long story, so bear with me please. Last year, when dd1 was 16 we moved house about 25 miles away. Dd was then going into 5th yearafter having sat her 'Standard Grades' which are, I think, the Scottish equivalent of GCSEs. She was adamant that she didnt want to move school and for a year she travelled in every day. This meant early starts and late finishes for her. She recently got her exam results (Scottish Highers) and didn't do as well as expected. Part of the reason,she thinks, was tiredness although discovering drink and parties may also have had something to do with it. After a lot of thinking she decided that she wants to do her 6th year at a local school, the one her younger sister goes to. She is very nervous about this but is prepared to do it to try and get better exam results. Also, she now has a part time job near where we live and has got to know a few people who will be in her year.
I have contacted both her old and new schools and there is no problem about her changing. I spoke to the Depute Headmaster at the new school on Tuesday and we arranged that dd and I would go into the school the next day to discuss things. I took a day off work and turned up, as arranged, at 9 am to talk to this man and waited and waited. Eventually at 9:35, the school office said he was on the phone and wanted to speak to me. He then apologises and tells me that he has slept in and isn't going to make it but to fill in the registration forms and take the course choice booklet for dd to think about what subjects she wants to study. I'm not particularly happy about this, especially as he can't ask the couple of questions I need to ask but accept it.
School starts tomorrow and I have spent most of today trying to get in contact with this man (or another teacher) to see when dd should turn up and who she should see. All I get from the office staff is that all the staff are in meetings (fair enough it is their in-service day) and despite numerous requests that they call back, I'm still waiting. According to the office, dd should just 'turn up' tomorrow when school starts and go to the assembly hall with the rest of the pupils. She is nervous enough about starting and wants some definite instructions about where to go and who to see.
It's now after 4pm and despite calling since 9:30 this morning, I still haven't managed to speak to any of the staff to find out what's happening. Am I being unreasonable and is there anything else I could / should be doing?

susanmt Mon 23-Aug-04 20:11:45

tabitha - just a thought about the Spanish. My sister moved to Fort William from Bristol, to a school where she wasn't able to do Spanish at all, having planned to do A Level inEngland. She was able to sort out to do Spanish via Stevenson College in Edinburgh, that run an extension course for kids in this situation.

BTW, if you have moved 25 miles and are around Dundee, you're not in Perth or thereabouts are you? Just thats where I'm from

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