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Who's waiting for A2/AS results tomorrow?

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roisin Wed 18-Aug-04 14:45:08

Good luck! I hope your whole household copes well with the stress, the celebrations, commiserations, disappointments, congratulations, etc.

wickedstepmum Wed 18-Aug-04 17:58:43

It's A2 results here tomorrow. I am so sick of everyone saying As and A* don't count any longer and how easy these exams are. I've seen how much work DSD has put in to her exams and she's a clever girl but we are Not expecting As and will be very pleased with Bs. Fingers crossed. Nothing to do now but wait...

tammybear Wed 18-Aug-04 18:00:41

Ive got my A Level results tomorrow. Im sure I failed one paper, so not expecting too higher grade. Hope anyone who is waiting does well. xxx

hmb Wed 18-Aug-04 18:09:36

Well, I am, but for my upper sixth class who were wonderful kids but had lots of probelms in the run up so I'm worred for them

fisil Thu 19-Aug-04 07:55:23

I was just about to start a thread on this. I am soooooo nervous. I am pretty sure ours will all fail (which will then mean re-timetabling). My little brother gets his too, and I am really worried for him.

The big one for me is next week - GCSEs. I am already getting scared about them. Our SATs results were excellent this year, so there is a huge expectation on the GCSE results.

coppertop Thu 19-Aug-04 08:30:27

Good luck everyone!

tigermoth Thu 19-Aug-04 08:42:30

oh the very best of luck to you all!!!

sweetheart Thu 19-Aug-04 09:02:14

I didn't do an A level but have been sitting AAT which is an NVQ level 3 equivilent (I think)

Anyway found out yesterday i passed - so chuffed!!!

Good luck to everyone else

wickedstepmum Thu 19-Aug-04 22:33:06

Three Cs...oh dear. I had hoped she'd get 3 Bs. Still, at least it's all over. The waiting is sooo horrible

tallulah Sun 22-Aug-04 08:39:47

Mine got CCD. Nowhere near what we were expecting, but at least her first choice Uni has accepted her, despite her not getting the B they wanted. (phew!). The waiting is such a strain, & we've got GCSE to go this week! (WHY did I have kids 2 years apart?!!!!!)

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