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hatmum Mon 16-Aug-04 11:04:11

May be going to Australia for a year and need some info on pre-school and primary school education - where do I start? Much appreciated

SueW Mon 16-Aug-04 13:07:54

Have a look (google) for the department of education for the state you are moving to and you should find some info on there.

Also magazines like Sydney's Child and its associated mags around the country (links from website) may have info that can help.

And of course there are mumsnetters over the too :-)

We took DD for a year with DH's job, from 2000-2001. Loved it.

Where are you going to?

hatmum Mon 16-Aug-04 14:23:43

Thanks. I've had a first glance and the whole ethos surrounding early years education seems fantastic and great that it's the norm (will we want to come back???) Nothing is confirmed yet but probably Queensland - all quite exciting!

SueW Mon 16-Aug-04 14:39:45

Never been to Queensland - we were in Melbourne. DD had one term in nursery here (from 3.9-4yo), attending two full days and three half days. Then we left here, and she didn't do any school in Oz for 3 months.

We found a nice Kinder for her to go to which was lovely - she only attended 11 hours a week which gave us plenty of time to explore. :-) She could have stayed there until 6yo IIRC. It was completely play-based. She left the UK able to read a number of words, refused to read whilst over there, came back to the UK and streaked past all her classmates in the reading stakes!!! Some of their parents said their children had already, aged 5yo, got bored with reading. :-(

Friends who moved their 7yo B/G twins from the UK state system to the Australian private system were disappointed that their children seemed to take a step backwards but then again they were being introduced to lots of things it would have been impossible for them to do in pretty much any school in the UK.

Will you want to come back - prob not. I didn't but DH's contract came to an end and there wasn't anything else on offer to make it worth staying.

bulimbabean Wed 18-Aug-04 04:35:55

Hi have recently returned to Brisbane. Primary schools run year 1-7 but they are in the process of introducing a prep year. You attend year one the year your child turns 6, prep it would be 5 (like uk reception) You are in catchment areas, you contact your local/closest school to where you will be living, and they have to take your child in. Most class sizes are around the 25 mark, the education is based on learning outcomes taught via themes rather than literacy hour/numeracy hour. so far my son has 'done' dinosaurs, underwater, myself etc. Most schools have a phonic system ie: jolly phonics or letterland as well. Lots more outside activities ie: swimming, gross motor skills etc. For preschool/nursery, most are private and you have to register up to 6-12months prior to attending (please contact Brisbane education dept as i am not too sure on the details) this is manly play based learning, no formal classroom learning. I believe the proposed prep year is to bring queenland in line with the other states and will be play based as well. Private system is different again - depends on which school/spaces/fees etc.
Look at brisbane city life web site to get more details or google brisbane/education and you will get loads of info.

Sorry for the long post

bloss Wed 18-Aug-04 07:03:35

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Sun 22-Aug-04 11:09:17

try this website for the queensland education system..

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