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ACS Cobham, Bootham or St Peter York

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245secondstreet Sat 09-Jun-18 05:24:45

I'd appreciate your input! After 8 years abroad we're relocating back to the UK. Originally we were going to be in London and have registered our kids (12 & 10 yrs) at ACS Cobham which seems amazing. Latest twist, we may be relocating to York and need to make a decision asap. I've been looking (online) at Bootham and St Peter, I'd need an honest feedback regarding schools in York as nothing seems to compare to ACS, please help! (will be visiting York next week) Thank you ;-)

Localher0 Sun 10-Jun-18 21:43:48

When you return do you think you’ll be staying or is another expat posting likely? I only ask because a school like ACS will have a high turn over of expat kids so it might be disruptive for your kids eventually. It does have fantastic facilities though....

245secondstreet Mon 11-Jun-18 14:15:58

No, I think we'll stay for good. They say they have a 20% turn over. I like the fact that it's rather international, although Bootham seems to have a good mix too.

anotherpersona Tue 12-Jun-18 10:42:24

Bootham and St Peter's are chalk and cheese. Depends very much on the personality and interests of your DC. If they are even remotely sporty then St Peter's hands down.

stubiff Wed 13-Jun-18 12:39:23

My son is very sporty but he is registered at Bootham.
I agree that both schools are very different but totally disagree that you should choose Peters if your child is even remotely sporty (or any school, just for the sport).
Peters, overall, probably have better 'teams' (because they have more pupils and have a 'reputation' of being sporty (what does that actually mean?!) but there is plenty of sport at Bootham and they have talented sporting individuals.

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