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Had a Damascene moment re schools and results!

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ElenyaTuesday Sat 19-May-07 16:47:39

Some people were kind enough recently to reply to my concerns about which type of secondary school would be best for ds1 - a boy who doesn't get along with other boys particularly well. The choice was between a boys' school with fantastic results and a co-ed school with good results, but not in the same league as the boys' school.

Well, I paid a visit to the co-ed school last week and I am converted! If I could have created the ideal school for ds1, it would be this school. It is quite small, really friendly and massively keen on pastoral care. So never mind the results, it is a school where he will be happy and I now realise that that is what is more important. So thank you to the various people who unanimously thought co-ed would be better - you were right!!!!

hatjam Thu 12-Jul-07 15:54:18

the best school is always going to be one where your child is happy. hope it works out for your son and that he'll really enjoy his new school

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