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Will independent schools keep places when pupils can't attend for a term?

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alwaysonadiet1 Thu 17-May-18 11:08:57

How long will independent schools reserve places for current pupils who are unable to attend temporarily? The fees would be paid. Thanks.

SoupDragon Thu 17-May-18 11:13:11

Only the specific school can answer that question really.

jellycat1 Thu 17-May-18 12:12:29

Yes here - if you pay the fees.

crayoladreamz Thu 17-May-18 12:13:02

If the fees are paid then mine will

LIZS Thu 17-May-18 18:42:55

Probably up to a year but as they are not number restricted like state schools it would probably be flexible.

PalePinkSwan Thu 17-May-18 18:54:38

Up to the school.

underneaththeash Thu 17-May-18 19:48:00

Both of ours would without a doubt.

Bekabeech Thu 17-May-18 21:29:18

Depends. You need to ask the school.
I have known a very competitive school keep them open while the family sailed around the world for a year.

alwaysonadiet1 Thu 17-May-18 22:01:25

Thanks all, that's encouraging!

OCSock Wed 23-May-18 15:19:50

It's all at the school's discretion. We travelled for six months and the school kept our place open. And I think they offered a slight fee holiday, on the understanding that it would not be possible if class sizes increased and they had to add another form to the year.

trinity0097 Fri 25-May-18 20:02:07

We did for a term, would have stretched for 2, but not a year, as we can fill the place.

laptopdisaster Sat 26-May-18 19:57:40

Depends. Highgate (which is very competitive) has lots of celeb parents and regularly holds places in this way.

BellaVida Sat 26-May-18 20:00:27

Yes, ours has done that for two in my DD's class.

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