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DD's first visit to new nursery today...

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Hulababy Fri 06-Aug-04 08:15:05

... and *I* feel nervous!

At 10:45am today DD (2y 4m) has her first visit to the new nursery, after leaving her old nursery - which she had loved - 3 weeks ago. I have tried to prepare her for her short visit - 45 minutes or so. She is taking Bunny with her, and we have talked about what she might do and about the new friends she will make. And I have made sure she knows that although I am going to go with her I might have to just leave her for a little while whilst "I do some work".

At her old nursery she was great - never had a day of troube or unwillingness to go from DD. But now I just feel so nervous that she won't like this one or won't settle.

Afterwards we are going straight out for a small MN meet at the farm so we have something of a treat after too.

Wish us luck!!!

CookieMonster Fri 06-Aug-04 08:21:23

Hulababy, I can sympathise so much with how you feel ... I have this exact same thing coming up in September when dd (3y 5m) leaves the nursery where she has been going for nearly 3 years to start at pre-school. We have been for a short visit and she liked it and keeps talking about going to 'big school' but I am just dreading the first morning when she realises none of her old friends are there etc etc etc ....
Good luck to both of you - I'm sure it will be fine!

Hulababy Fri 06-Aug-04 09:56:57

Well I am off in 15 minutes or so. DD seems fine but I feel sick!!!

I am concerned just because she has been at home wth me each day for 3 weeks now without nursery and she has gotten a little clingy. It is n't like her at all as she is normally outgoing, confident and eager to play. She is keen to go and play so we will see......

coppertop Fri 06-Aug-04 09:58:51

Good luck - not that you'll need it. You'll probably find that she doesn't want to leave when her time's up. Enjoy your day.

Hulababy Fri 06-Aug-04 17:03:06

Well I needn't have worried at all. We arrived a little early but she joined in straight away. She went and sat down on chairs to join in with singing time.

Within 5 minutes I felt fine to just say I had to go and do some work but I'd be back soon. She gave me a cuddle but was fine.

I then sat downstairs, had a cuppa and filled in some development charts about her, and info about routines, favourites, etc.

I could actually spy on her without her knowing either as they went outside to play. She was having a great time playing and running about, mainly with a little boy called Jack. She loved the gardens and the slide and water pit, and she had a go with watering the plants with the hose pipe. Teddy was quickly discarded too.

After 45 minutes I went back to collect her from upstairs and she was sat down 'reading' a book quietly with the others. I asked if she was ready to go and got the answer "not yet mummy, I haven't finished my book!!! Luckily we had something planned as a treat - farm - to persuade her. Although she wasn't impressed that the other children were about to sit down to dinner and she had to go.

So, a really great success today and she is keen to go back to play again. Next visit is after pur holiday for a whole morning on 31st August.

Phew, really pleased it went well for. Might have been nice for her to miss me a bit though

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