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duvet Tue 06-Feb-18 16:35:05

Hi wonder if someone can advise me, I've been Hed DD, just before Christmas she decided she'd like to start HS. We have two schools in out catchment area, both less than a mile away. The one we prefer is full, so we are in the processing of appealing. I put down in the letter that we are less than a mile away and that the school has a family feel etc that I feel will suit my daughter. I have since found out that I have to have surgery and follow up treatment soon, can I use this as further evidence in the appeal? Please can anyone advise?

LIZS Tue 06-Feb-18 16:42:42

What does this school offer in terms of interests or subjects that others may not? How old is she? Your medical condition is unlikely to add weight. Presumably your dd could get herself to and from school.

prh47bridge Tue 06-Feb-18 18:25:04

The fact that the school is less than a mile away isn't really relevant for appeal unless your daughter has mobility problems. The family feel can be helpful but ideally you need to come up with arguments stronger than "feeling" it will suit your daughter. Specific reasons should help. As LIZS says, your medical condition is unlikely to help. Including it won't harm your case but it is unlikely the panel will give it much weight so don't spend too long on it. The main thing that will help your case is if you can show what this school offers that is not available from the alternative and which would be of particular benefit to your daughter. That could be subjects, it could be extra-curricular activities.

duvet Tue 06-Feb-18 19:49:22

Okay I will keep looking, it's difficult to find anything specifically on the school website, that this school offers over the other one. Thanks for your tips.

PettsWoodParadise Tue 06-Feb-18 20:29:24

Not relevant for appeals but in case you find that is rejected or you don’t have a strong enough case:

In many instances where most schools are over-subscribed the process involves accepting the school place you are offered, even if that is a long way away and not one you’d have on your list, then going on the waiting list for your preferred schools. You need to check the oversubscription criteria is as if it is distance then someone moving to the area wanting a place and they are closer than you will jump ahead of you on the list, it is rarely a case of going in order of being added to the list.

duvet Fri 09-Feb-18 18:52:51

Another question please, I just met someone who's son has literally just left the school and school year that I'm trying to get my dd into. Is it worth me raising that at the school appeal?

GreenTulips Fri 09-Feb-18 18:55:39

They will have a priority list

DDs place was filled the same day so it won't help really.

Have you been in to se the heads? Walk round? Ask questions?

Our 2 locals - one has a huge frame intake the other is more adademic focusd -

LIZS Fri 09-Feb-18 18:57:20

Did you actually apply and were turned down? Were you put on a waiting list if so. There may be others closer or higher priority who would be offered it first though.

EduCated Fri 09-Feb-18 18:58:41

No. If there was a space in the year group they would offer it to you without he need for an appeal. It is likely there is a waiting list and the place will have been offered to the child at the top of the list (which will be held in accordance with the admissions criteria).

duvet Fri 09-Feb-18 19:10:51

Oh ok, yes we've looked around the school, and went to the open evening which is why I feel it's right school for dd2. Yes we applied just before Christmas & advised to appeal, no mention of waiting list. Maybe I should ask....

duvet Fri 09-Feb-18 19:11:25

Thanks for replying btw

GreenTulips Fri 09-Feb-18 20:26:10

Ask - they will tell you your position but won't necessarily have checked with positions 1 /2/3/4 etc that they would still take a place if offered

Some kids get priority, those on a managed move, live closer to the school, etc

But the LA should tell you who have spaces

duvet Sat 10-Feb-18 08:22:53

Ok will do, sorry to keep asking questions but the after school clubs that these school offers are of particular interest to my daughter is this worth mentioning even though the alternative school offers similar. It's difficult to find things that are majorly different in this school to the alternative.

prh47bridge Sun 11-Feb-18 14:14:50

I would mention it but it is unlikely to carry much weight since the alternative school has something similar. Mention it but don't spend too much time on it.

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