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7 yrs old girl looking for Penpal

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SunflowerLV Mon 22-Jan-18 22:11:26

My 7 years old daughter would like a penpal, postal letter kind. If your daughter of a similar age is interested please PM me.


MissEliza Mon 22-Jan-18 22:12:38

I'll ask my 9 year old dd. I think it would be a great idea.

MollysMummy2010 Mon 22-Jan-18 22:15:04

Ah my daughter is just about to turn 8 and would love a pen pal! I had cousins I wrote to when I was a similar age.

SunflowerLV Mon 22-Jan-18 23:32:52

Fantastic! Thank you for your replies.

I had penpals when I was a child and I absolutely loved receiving letters. It was so much fun writing letters, drawing pictures, making up games and writing stories to each other.

Argeles Mon 22-Jan-18 23:41:20

I’m sorry I can’t help your Daughter, but I just wanted to say how wonderful I think it is to hear of a young person who wants a traditional pen friend.

I had 1 pen friend in the UK when I was about your Daughter’s age, and 2 more from France when I was a teenager. It was always a delight to write and receive letters from each of them, and I learned so much in doing so.

All the best to your Daughter, and I hope she finds someone.

Tinkerbellx Mon 22-Jan-18 23:46:36

My dd is 7 too and would love to have a pen pal. 😌

Flabrador Tue 23-Jan-18 00:05:35

My DD is turning 8 next week and would love a pen pal smile

Zodlebud Tue 23-Jan-18 06:25:01

Pen pals are an awesome idea. However, is it wise to give your child’s address to an anonymous poster on a public forum?

Internet safety!!!!!

SunflowerLV Tue 23-Jan-18 18:53:53

Thank you for your replies! To get the ball rolling, would you like to PM your child's name and address and I will ask my daughter to write a letter and she can introduce herself to your child.

Thanks Zodlebud for mentioning safety. I think it will be fine because names and addresses can be extracted from the Electoral roll and I will be able to see that a child has written the letter. I think it is more concerning if it is electronic pen-pals and you don't really know who it is that you are writing to. But thanks, it is always good to think about internet safety.

Zodlebud Tue 23-Jan-18 21:20:41

Children’s names are not listed on the electoral roll.

I might sound like the fun police and I am sure that everyone who has replied is genuine, but there are sadly some people out there who have other intentions.

You will swap names and addresses, age of your children, what sex they are. They will invariably want a photo to see who they are writing to. They will swap information about schools and inevitably once they get older it will move online. By which time you would think they are “safe” and may start sharing far too much.

Relying on an assessment of a child’s handwriting as to whether or not they are genuine is naive. If someone wants to groom a child then they will invest time and be deceptive.

I work with children and this has red flags all over it from a child protection point of view. Please think very carefully once again before agreeing to share your child’s address.

There are some great sites like Postcrossing for sending and receiving mail which are far safer and perhaps a bit more fun.

SunflowerLV Tue 23-Jan-18 23:03:23

Children names are not on the electoral roll. My details are on the electoral roll. If someone was determined to find out information about you and your children, I believe that information is already there on the internet if they are prepared to look hard enough.

The whole point of being penpals is to develop friendships and you can only do that by actually sharing information such as what Barbie doll they like best and cartoons they watch. These are the sort of things my daughter is probably going to be writing about. I've still got some of my penpal letters that I've kept in a scrap book and it is so funny reading the things that had been written at that age.

It would be wonderful if a real friendship develops out of it for my daughter. I had many penpals as I child and I loved it. In fact, I am still friends with two of my penpals.

I do not believe a groomer would go into the trouble to write letters in child's handwriting, use children's vocabulary, draw children pictures, write children stories, decorate the envelopes. Be in the knowledge that the letter will be read out loud to the parents AND be prepared to give me their HOME ADDRESS. That to me seem very unlikely.

What I know of grooming is that it is very secretive, groomers tend to use manipulative and controlling language. Try to normalise sexual content. They ask children not to tell parents of what has been discussed between them. How is that going to happen if my daughter and I will be reading the letters TOGETHER. And after a few weeks/months of writing letters my daughter might say, lets call 'Alice' together. What will the groomer do then?

I appreciate your concern but I just don't think the risk is there.

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