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Anyone know anything about St Bedes (Upper Dicker/Eastbourne) or Lewes old Grammar school?

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SparklePrincess Fri 27-Apr-07 16:39:38

Im considering both for my dds secondary education. Thanks.

sphil Sat 28-Apr-07 18:15:56

Have just moved from Lewes and have a number of friends who send their children to these schools. Have heard generally good reports about both, but more enthusiasm about St Bedes, particularly from those whose children don't quite fit the 'norm', iyswim - they seem very good at looking at the child as an individual and celebrating quirkiness!

Am only talking about six families though! So not a scientific sample...

rowan1971 Sat 28-Apr-07 18:32:12

Nothing useful to offer - just that I love Lewes. Tis a fab place.

rabbleraiser Sat 28-Apr-07 18:34:56

Sorry, are you talking about St Bedes in Cumbria?

CowsGoMoo Sat 28-Apr-07 21:40:21

Hi my friend used to teach at St Bedes but the Prep dept so nothing really about the upper school. She thought it was a Lovely establishment, very friendly etc.

Have you considered Moira House in Eastbourne? Very good school! I used to attend, as did my friend who then went onto teach at St Bedes!

Sparkletastic Sat 28-Apr-07 21:42:32

Don't hear great things about Lewes Grammar from folks with kids there. Bit poor on discipline from all accounts... Have only ever heard good stuff about St Bedes though.

sphil Sun 29-Apr-07 16:22:10

Lewes IS lovely . Still terribly homesick.

rowan1971 Sun 29-Apr-07 16:24:26

Sphil, I moved from Brighton recently (I worked in Lewes, at the Needlemakers) and am horribly homesick for Sussex in general! (Sorry for hijack, SparklePrincess.)

SparklePrincess Sun 29-Apr-07 19:59:13

I suppose I will have to go & look at both & see which I prefer. To be honest I was hoping to hear great things about LOGS because it is so much cheaper. (which makes it the more possible option for us financially) Also it is a very small school which I thought may better suit my slightly `quirky` dd`s. It sounds like St Bedes may be better in that respect though. Also St Bedes is only 10-15 minutes down the road from us, which is better for after school activities etc.
CowsGoMoo (great name) I did look into Moira house years ago & thought it seemed like a lovely school. For some reason I thought it was very expensive & ruled it out. However, a quick look at the Independent schools website tells me that its actually cheaper than St Bedes The only thing putting me off now is that its about 40 minutes drive away, so possibly a little far out. I may well request their prospectus though & take a look. It does seem a great school.
Finances (or lack of) will have the final say on where they go though. It may be that we have to send them to our local (fairly well regarded) comp, & move them to the independent sector at 13. Id much prefer them to start at 11, but its better than nothing.
Does anyone know about the availability of, & how easy it is to obtain scholarships to any of the three schools mentioned? Also, any other opinions on these schools gratefully received.

CowsGoMoo Sun 29-Apr-07 21:12:53

Hi Sparkleprincess, Moira House offer numerous scholarships at 11+. 13 and sixth form and they usually advertise in the local newspaper around the time of them (The January in the year of entry)

I used to be bused in to school from Battle to Eastbourne using the schools minibus sevice, a good 40mins journey but always went quick as there were about 10 others with me. I would highly recommend you taking a look there!

Im hoping that when the time comes my 3yo daughter will also attend the school (only the senior dept as really wont be able to afford the junior school as well!)

I believe that St. Bedes have an open morning soon.... remember seeing something in the local newspaper this week. If you contact the school they will prob have more info.

Best wishes

SparklePrincess Mon 30-Apr-07 19:12:06

We are in the Heathfield area, I will have to see if their bus service runs from anywhere near here. I didnt even realise that they ran a bus service. I think I will email them now & get them to send out the information.
Many thanks CGM

mercgirl Fri 28-Sep-07 15:36:00

i have kids at stbedes prep and the dicker, i also considered lewes 3 yrs ago but choose the dicker due to lack of facililtes,transport and extra help available at lewes. the prep school is very different and is wonderful. the dicker is very big (commonly felt too big by lotsof parents) my child feels like hes just a number rather than a individual person we are ex newlands and my child feels that he was a actual person rather than just a number. the teachers don't tend to acknowledge there colleagues let alone the children!! facilities are good, i guess thats why we all choose the school they do invest the money back into the school to benefit the children at the end of the day every kid is different and you have to think about the kid and put them in the right school for them you cannot oput all your kids through the same school and hope its ok. Would i put another child through the dicker if i had more choice no, but there is little choice in this area, i would recomment newlands and st bedes prep without thinking about it, i do not feel the same abou the dicker. We must live quite near you as we are to 15mins from school. hope this helps if you have any questions please ask

Bink Fri 28-Sep-07 15:51:41

The new headmaster of St Bedes (prep - or part of prep bit - not sure how it's split) used to be head of the prep bit of the school my two used to go to. He's a sweetie.

When we found out he was going to St B I had a look at the Good Schools Guide entry for it and it was really glowing - especially on provision for quirky/borderline SN children - so much so that I thought if only I could follow him there!

SparklePrincess Sat 29-Sep-07 18:52:14

St Bedes prep sounds exactly what my 2 dds`s could do with right now. They are both a bit quirky, & dd2 is undiagnosed ADD (IMO) & currently having some problems at her lovely state primary. Thing is we couldnt afford to do independent for prep & senior school. I wonder now whether it would be better for them to do prep then local senior school. Senior schools they could get places at from here are Heathfield CC & Uckfield CC. Both do reasonably well on paper, but are huge. Am I better off continuing to save for senior school, or doing prep now & having no back up for senior school (other than re mortgage) should it not work out for them?

CountessDracula Sat 29-Sep-07 18:58:58

My SIL went to St Bedes for a while, she is dyslexic and they were great for her I believe

SparklePrincess Mon 01-Oct-07 09:33:40

Sounds really good. I wish we could afford to send them both now & pay for secondary education. As it is, realistically they may well both have to do 2 years at Heathfield or Uckfield first anyway to allow us time to save up. Ideally they would both start at the prep at 11 & move up to the Dicker at 13. I need to find myself a well paid job that fits in with school hours. Easy peasy grin (not)

RnB Mon 01-Oct-07 09:34:39

Message withdrawn

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