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Cokethorpe School

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muppetsmum Sun 14-Jan-18 00:18:44

Does anybody have any recent opinions on Cokethorpe, please? Fairly bright, musical but not team-sporty DD. Hard working and competent academically but probably not quite bright enough to get into SHSK. Limited day school options within reach and we don't want boarding (a couple of nights a week would be OK but no more). I get the impression that Cokethorpe is trying to improve its image academically, but still worried there will be too much emphasis on team sports (an attitude which has led to self-esteem issues in Prep School). And what is music like there? Any thoughts or experiences welcome!

Newme2016 Sun 14-Jan-18 12:46:32

Hi, I think Cokethrope has mixed reviews, hopefully someone with more up to date knowledge comes along.

But have a look at Wychwood School in Oxford. It is a day school and boarding. So whenever they need to board they can. We use boarding whenever they go to a late school trip or there is event on at school.

It’s a really lovely school, where they really get the best out of each girl.

The Headmistress is a very amazing lady. Music provisions are great, just been to the Christmas service, it’s really outstanding at what the girls do. There are lots of other performing arts nights during the year too.

Because it’s such a small school if the girl is interested in being in the sports team they are made very welcome.

The school is really all about the girls and what the school can do to help them achieve their best. Go have a look, I am sure you will love it!

1805 Sun 14-Jan-18 14:04:16

St Edwards?
I liked Wychwood too, when I looked round it a couple of years ago.

muppetsmum Sun 14-Jan-18 23:25:17

Thank you - sadly we are just a bit too far from Oxford (near Shrivenham) for Day to be feasible there. Unless I'm being a total wimp - I looked at the buses to Oxford High for Girls and we'd need to leave the house at 6.40 am..... A real shame as it would open a lot up. Can't face moving as we've just spent 2 years doing up this house which took us 3 years to find!!!

sandford Wed 04-Apr-18 21:34:27

DS and DD encompass between them in no particular order: Academic, musical, niche sporty, not-sporty, easily makes friends, slow to find friendship group. Both have thrived. Academic and pastoral support consistent and well pitched. Neither that into being on stage but behind scenes. School productions have been great, music increasingly ambitious. Both ours had offers from local hot houses but we all loved the refreshing approach of Head. Staff and support staff are valued by senior management. Every opinion taken seriously. Extra-curricular clubs fantastic. I would urge you to go and have a look!

sophiesiobhan Wed 25-Apr-18 11:50:52

Just moved to Oxon so am following this thread... Looking at Cokethorpe this afternoon for my DD who likely will be about the academics and music - less hopeful for her with sport (crazy how we try and predict this at age 4!).

Also looking at Kitebrook (open morning 5 May) and Windrush. Would welcome any views on those two and I will feed back after my visits!

roguedad Fri 27-Apr-18 13:33:15

I think the Cokethorpe junior school is a very good choice for very young children in the main.
Early Years staff are outstanding and it is a lovely location for a small child to start their school life. The main caveat in the pre prep is that there needs to be much more effort to get young kids started on instrumental lessons. There are silly logistical obstructions arising from lessons being in the senior school and it has not been sorted out. The failure to provide adequate instruction in swimming is also something to check on. Herd sports rule here. We had to get music lessons and individual sports done externally.

Around year 4 you should take a fresh look at other options in the light of how your child is developing and the fit of the school to your child’s needs. Best to do it then as senior admissions have really been fouled up by Cokethorpe senior wanting kids to decide before all the other indies and state. No way you’d want to get caught in that nonsense especially as the junior school fails to provide tuition for the other local Indy entrance tests. Overall I think years R to 4 are good provided you get control of music and sports provision.

Cpt41476866 Sun 09-Dec-18 11:43:01

In my opinion and I think the trouble with Cokethorpe School is that it falls in between a public school and a state school in too many areas. Having been at Cokethorpe for my GCSE's I was sent to d'Overbroecks for my A-Levels which I loved, the teaching felt far superior, the teachers really value the students and the social atmosphere was more positive. I completed my A-levels in 2017

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