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Schools in Bromley /Chislehurst/Orpington

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Gretel Tue 27-Jul-04 00:09:48

We are looking to move to Bromley/Chislehurst/orpington area for Sept 2005.
Do any of you have advice on schools in these areas?
We are looking for primary and secondary schools.
Does anybody have any advice about St.Olaves?
thanks, Gretel

Jimjams Tue 27-Jul-04 08:03:39

St Olaves is excellent- but very hard to get into.

tigermoth Tue 27-Jul-04 13:02:47

not quite my area, but I have heard (and I could be wrong) that if you want your children to be considered for the grammar schools in the area, you have to be living there by the time your children are 9 years old. If you move later it's no good. Also, there are very few grammar schools(even fewer than in my neighbhouring borough) so competition to get into them is massive.

Of course the above is only of relevance to you if you are thinking of grammar schools. I don't know much else about the schools there. There are mumsnetters who live near that area - hopefully one of them will post.

maddiemo Thu 05-Aug-04 08:21:40

Message withdrawn

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