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Birkenhead Prep vs Redcourt St Anselms

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Fatbergs Thu 09-Nov-17 07:34:28

I am considering these two schools, although I cannot see myself sending them onto St Anselms grammar as DH and I are set against single sex education (having been through it ourselves) and it seems to have a sports/technical focus whereas my kids are very arts orientated.

However my kids are introverts through and through and I don't know if the Birkenhead Prep would be nurturing enough - it's a huge school and I wonder if it would be too intimidating. Redcourt seems cosier but we know we wouldnt really want them to continue on at the grammar.

Sooo, Id love to hear from anybody with experiences of either school!

Marialuisa Thu 09-Nov-17 14:33:18

Many years ago of Redcourt. it was lovely and in many ways offered the kind of experience you can get at smaller primary schools in "naice" areas with a heavy dose of 11+ prep on the side. Was amazingly cheap too. We left the area whilst DD was in KS1 but she went to the nursery from 2. She still remembers one of the nursery teachers taking her to help wash paint pots when they spotted she was getting a bit bothered about the David and Goliath storygrin We're RC so the faith side was a bonus, can imagine some non religious types might be a bit surprised how much it was at the heart of things.

Fatbergs Fri 10-Nov-17 09:36:25

thankyou - I am going to pop in there for a prospectus.

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