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Leigh-on-Sea mums.

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Returningexpat2017 Tue 07-Nov-17 19:10:09

Hello all,

My husband and I are returning to the U.K. and will be living in Leigh-on-Sea. We are really looking forward to life again in England and Leigh-on-Sea seems like a great place to live.

We have three children aged 6 , 3 and 6 months. Our catchment school is outstanding by all accounts (Westleigh) but it won’t have a place for our son. I am therefore looking into private schools in the area. Before I visit I would love to hear from mums with children at St Michael’s , Alleyn Court , Thorpe Hall and Saint Peirre school.

My son is very able and I would hope he will go on to one of the local grammar schools. Saint Peirre appear to have excellent results in the 11+ ( from their website) I am a little concerned that two local independent schools have closed down in the last few years ( information I came across while doing my research). Undersubscribed private schools are notorious for bullying and I want my children to receive excellent pastoral care. As mums who live in Leigh-on-Sea I would really appreciate your insider knowledge.

Livingbytheseaside Thu 09-Nov-17 20:15:47

Hi, My children attended Saint Peirre and both got a place at the grammar school of their choice.
It’s results at 11+ are outstanding as is the pastoral care. I understand the concerns you have regarding the local school which had to close last year but rest assured Saint Peirre takes pastoral care very seriously.
They do want and get fantastic results but the children are blissfully happy . I believe the headmaster sets the tone in any school and any unpleasantness just wouldn’t be stood for. Your children will be well supported and the range of extra curricular subjects are amazing . They really do educate the whole child .They also have a fabulous chef , not all local independent schools provide lunch relying instead on children bringing packed lunches.

As you properly know parents send their children to prep schools in this area in order to pass the 11+. The grammar schools are selective but not super selective so all the children in the catchment area who pass with the minimum score are in. Saint Peirre average over the last three years is approximately 80% and they always publish their results quickly, I guess they have a lot to shout about !

Good luck , I hope this helps.

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