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Classlist app. Is it secure?

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Allthingsbluetoo Mon 06-Nov-17 16:32:56

Does anyone know anything about this app? We are at a lovely prep school but a small strong group of parents is trying to make Classlist the only means of communication.

I can see the benefits but not sure how secure the site is.


SimultaneousEquation Mon 06-Nov-17 18:53:05

No one knows how secure a site is, until it isn’t.

Classlist is free to use, which means that you are the product. The business makes money by advertising to parents. Private school parents are a good market for them.

Allthingsbluetoo Mon 06-Nov-17 20:21:49

Thank you. I feel like we are giving them lot of info. They also take big PayPal cut for any tickets bought via the site (50p per ticket, 400 at fireworks...!) so not sure how legitimate it really is.

SimultaneousEquation Mon 06-Nov-17 21:19:19

I think it’s very unreasonable for it to be the only means of communication: the school office can be used for this, and it means that parents don’t have to share their contact details if they don’t want to, for whatever reason.

Sunshine5050 Tue 07-Nov-17 12:58:54

Hi, my PTA is thinking of using Classlist and we looked into the security, the system does seem very secure and they use a similar system to banks with the data encrypted. If you contact Classlist they can give you more details of their data protection registration etc.
It does look like a really effective way of communicating with your own year group.

Mhoc6 Wed 06-Dec-17 12:45:29

I've been using Classlist for over 2 years & have had no problems with security! As for the adverts, I don't even notice them half the time.
It's a million times more secure than Facebook where third parties can track your online behaviour. Classlist doesn't allow any third parties on the site. We tried to just make do with the school office & our own posters, flyers, newsletters etc but parents still said that they didn't know about events or were angry that decisions were made without including them, plus we just couldn't cope with selling tickets via the office anymore, it didn't work & the office staff as lovely as they are had enough to do so Classlist was the answer for us. I don't think Classlist takes the PayPal cut that goes to PayPal as a transaction fee?
Our parents all buy tickets for events from our Classlist site & we include the transaction fee as a 'non charity status' prep school, we asked parents how they felt about this & the majority said they would rather the ease of buying online than returning order forms & finding the cash/cheque book! We are not talking huge amounts either for the transaction fee. If it cost £5 in the past for the Halloween disco then on Classlist the event would be 0.21p more so we would round this off for the event to cost £5.25! It's 100% worth that 25p extra, when you probably spend more than that on printing order forms, tickets & promotional posters for the event, not including all the time that takes to do compared to doing it on the one site.

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