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Guildford secondary options for boys

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Wimbles101 Sun 05-Nov-17 08:41:35

Hi all, I’ve just started looking into this as an option. I have two DSs one in yr 7 and one in yr 3.
I know about RGS but wondered what the other private and state options were and how easy/difficult they are to get into?
DS2 will likely go to a state primary so any good areas/schools that are worth looking at?
We are moving from south west London.

homebythesea Sun 05-Nov-17 08:48:28

Not helpful I know but we moved out of Guildford partly because of the lack of good private senior options for boys within a reasonable distance. We are now further East in Surrey where choices are much better

However you should consider Cranleigh, St Johns Leatherhead, Reeds Cobham, CLFS Ashtead, Churchers Petersfield, all within train rides of Guildford and/or will run buses. All have varying academic requirements for entry.

You will be aware that it might be more difficult for your Y7 child to slot in to an 11+ school as you are relying on odd spare places. You should consider going into a prep school to prepare for 13+ CE but even the. You may have missed the boat

Can't comment on state options apart from the fact that junior schools all quite good, senior options not so much

Wimbles101 Sun 05-Nov-17 09:58:31

Thanks that’s helpful. I know of the schools you mention. My son was at a prep but wanted to leave at 11. I need realistic opinions so this is all helpful.
He is bright and got in on an 11plus place but I feel he’s being pushed too hard currently and I’m not happy about it.
You’re right about the year 7 situation so I guess I’m counting on an ad hoc place coming up.

Bekabeech Sun 05-Nov-17 12:10:31

The State schools are pretty good. I have known boys move from Preps to George Abbot or St Peters (and in the past to County).
It does depend on where you live and if you are Catholic. If you at going for an in year transfer - then these schools are likely to be full, but do admit fairly regularly via appeals.
The other state secondaries are : Kings which is in special measures, and Christ’s which is C of E. Neither are as highly rated but both have some good teachers and some people like.

Wimbles101 Sun 05-Nov-17 20:06:51

Thanks that’s helpful.
We aren’t Catholic but have heard good things about Guildford County. Will need to look into it.

Bekabeech Mon 06-Nov-17 07:37:23

I'd request a visit to each of them. I have known non Catholics get into St Peter's "in year" so it might be worth talking to them - quite a few George Abbot teacher's children go to St Peters (and vice versa I think).
I used to know County quite well, but not really since the new head.

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