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Hurst lodge-cripes!

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cherrypye Fri 27-Oct-17 17:37:40

looking looking looking for school that might suit my very dyslexic, very under confident dd.Her current specialist school is full of children with behavioural issues which make her even more anxious and over sensitive. Hurst lodge on paper looks interesting but Im hearing lots of dissatisfied reports too. Anyone got any up to date feedback please?

PinkSnail Sun 05-Nov-17 16:27:33

Don't know Hurst Lodge but a good school which is amazing for dyslexic kids is Moon Hall/Moon Hall College in Surrey. It is a specialist school and incredible.
Friends DC moved there from very academic prep schools for a few years and learnt loads of strategies to cope in mainstream, came back a few years later and thrived again. The DS is now at Oxford Uni. Some stay at Moon Hall and go onto the secondary if that is what is right for them.
Other options I know of are Duke of Kent, v small and nurturing.

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