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School options when the child has qualified for grammar school but not in the catchment area

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Saumitra Sun 22-Oct-17 02:51:33

My daughter has qualified for Bucks 11plus but we live in Harrow On The Hill, which is way outside catchment area. I would like to apply for Bucks grammar schools as first choice, but I am concerned that it would reduce her chances of getting Whitmore school ( outstanding rated within Harrow council). Please advise what should I do and whether I would receive letters from both councils if I choose their schools in the list as first and second (in any order)?

ourkidmolly Sun 22-Oct-17 03:01:45

CAF is anonymous so Schools don’t know what order you’ve listed them in. Go for the one you want first.

cantkeepawayforever Sun 22-Oct-17 12:15:49


The whole reason for a co-ordinated admissions process is to avoid the issues that you mention.

Put the schools in the true order that you want them, but include 1 'banker' - ie a school you may not adore but which you are guaranteed to get a place in.

You will be offered a single place, in the highest school on your list that you qualified for a place in.

If you qualify for your first choice Bucks grammar school, you will get it.

If you don't, but you do qualify for Whitmore school which is 2nd on your list, you will get Whitmore.

If you qualify for neither, but do qualify for the school 5th on your list, you will get that school.

If you qualify for none, you will be offered a place at the school nearest to you with spaces once all other places have been allocated - which is why you need a banker.

Saumitra Sun 22-Oct-17 21:57:08

Thanks @ourkidmolly and @cantkeepawayforever! This is very useful 😊

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