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Syringe picture online -where can I find one?

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daisy1999 Sun 18-Jul-04 19:10:11

I want to make my now school age children aware of what a syringe looks like just in case we ever come across one in a park. I have looked on google without success. Does anyone know where I might find a picture of a syringe online?

wobblyknicks Sun 18-Jul-04 19:12:00

I just found loads on google!! Did you do images search?

lou33 Sun 18-Jul-04 19:13:11

Have a look here

Delgirl Sun 18-Jul-04 19:13:50

Can;t do links sorry but found this. Click on the picture. Not that clear but....

Delgirl Sun 18-Jul-04 19:14:40

does this say something about us do you think? . I know someone who works at a needle exchange and that's what I typed in! Back to my bed making!

daisy1999 Sun 18-Jul-04 19:15:20

Thank you lou33. wobblyknicks -I must be doing it wrong I've been looking for about 1/2 an hour . how do you search for images, is it as simple as putting in the word "image"? I feel really silly now

wobblyknicks Sun 18-Jul-04 19:18:38

On google, there's a list that says web first, then next to it it has a link saying images. Click that and then search for syringe in the box.

wobblyknicks Sun 18-Jul-04 19:18:55

Don't feel silly tho!!

daisy1999 Sun 18-Jul-04 19:20:29

Thanks everyone!

lou33 Sun 18-Jul-04 19:21:05

If you are doing it from google's main page, above the search box is the list of sections, so type in "syringe" then click images, or click images then type in "syringe.

Does that make sense?

roisin Sun 18-Jul-04 19:25:34

I never knew that (about searching images on Google).

wobblyknicks Sun 18-Jul-04 19:28:07

see - MN is educational!!! (I need an excuse to be on here!!!)

lou33 Sun 18-Jul-04 19:34:58

You can search news and newsgroups as well.

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