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I was assaulted today... it could have been avoided if management took me seriously

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Lunalou90 Tue 10-Oct-17 23:20:31

Looking for advice!

Today in class a student told me to f* off twice and repeatedly said I was a rubbish* teacher... in more words than this.. some quite colourful. I removed her from the room and as per policy asked for her to be sent home.

This didn't happen. She was allowed by management to skip off to her next lesson.

At the end of the day, the student pushed me into a wall, and again repeatedly swore at me and had a 'you can't do anything about it' attitude.

I am really upset. Management think I'm over reacting by being mad - but they should have followed the rules...

Any advice?

Loopylind Tue 10-Oct-17 23:29:29

Hello, did anyone witness the assault? Cos that’s what that was. Any cameras covering the location?

Lunalou90 Tue 10-Oct-17 23:38:33

3 staff and 30 kids. I'm more upset that being undermined and not listened too has led to this.. I feel like as a young teacher I'm not being took seriously

RubyRedTights Tue 10-Oct-17 23:44:09

You shouldn't have had to experienve that.
What have the staff witnesses said?

Tippexy Tue 10-Oct-17 23:45:01


noblegiraffe Tue 10-Oct-17 23:45:22

It’s unfortunately not uncommon for SLT to not care about teachers being sworn at, until it’s them being sworn at and suddenly the kid is excluded!

I’m sorry you were assaulted, that must have been scary. I hope that SLT at least take that seriously. I would hope for a permanent exclusion, but at the very least a temporary one and not having to teach that kid again.

BackforGood Tue 10-Oct-17 23:48:32

I would also contact the union straight away.
Some people think unions are only there to negotiate a pay rise once every 8 years of so, but they aren't. They are there to protect and look after you in exactly this sort of circumstance.
Please do not let this be brushed under the carpet.

Loopylind Tue 10-Oct-17 23:54:40

By allowing this behaviour to slide the “management” are failing on more than one level. I would escalate to the head teacher first. Is there any other teacher/s that you have trust in? Speak to them.

RaindropsAndSparkles Tue 10-Oct-17 23:57:06

Management clearly have some significant issues to deal with. Time they taked things seriously hmm

Loopylind Wed 11-Oct-17 00:00:11

Always keep a written record!

elephantoverthehill Wed 11-Oct-17 00:05:00

Hi I posted on this straight away and it would not post, so I am glad it has returned. My advice is the same as Back. E-mail your union and take their advice. IMO you have been assaulted, as you have stated. I would contact SLT in the morning, and with the backing of your Union, suggest that you do not return to work until you have decided whether or not to press charges for intimidation and assault. Oh and on my original post I suggested maybe it should be moved to 'the staffroom' flowers

bunningsbunny Wed 11-Oct-17 00:13:47

Is it worth saying that you're going to report it to the police, that you're telling them as a courtesy, but that you're not going to be in school in the morning as you'll be at the police station filing the complaint... And that you'll return when you know that you and the other students will be safeguarded by dint of the fact that abusive student is not in school.

intergalacticbrexitdisco Wed 11-Oct-17 00:14:22

And they wonder why nobody wants to teach anymore.

You get more money and less hassle in retail.

admission Wed 11-Oct-17 16:25:06

Very sad to hear of this and that the school does not seem to be taking the correct action. In the circumstances of 3 staff and 30 pupils having witnessed the assault, it is un-acceptable that the school are not taking appropriate action against the pupil.
The school are failing in their duty of care to you as a member of staff and in reality to every other member of staff and pupil who are having to put up with this behaviour.
Such behaviour will always occur from time to time but there is no excuse for the school not taking action when it happens. As others have said involve your union and get a face to face meeting with the headteacher to establish what they are going to do about it.

Malaco Wed 11-Oct-17 18:57:28

I'm really sorry this happened to you. Are you ok? flowers
What are the school going to do with the girl and are they offering you any support?

Malaco Wed 11-Oct-17 19:00:06

Also, did they do absolutely nothing about the swearing?

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