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Teacupcakes Tue 10-Oct-17 22:08:28

Hello, We are considering a move from London to York and are looking at St Peters or Boothams (though welcome other suggestions!) for our three (8, 7 & 5). We are having the classic location Vs space debate as would love a 'walk to school' life but would also like a good sized garden. I understand traffic is a nightmare...Are there any local villages that would still be drivable to said schools within a reasonable time - 10/15 mins ish? And we could have a sensible school run and good sized garden? Many thanks in advance.

stubiff Wed 11-Oct-17 13:57:19

Tea, depends what you mean by a 'good sized garden'.
There would be plenty of houses within walking distance of the two schools which satisfy that (for me) but if you're wanting a football pitch then you'd have to look elsewhere.

Note that Bootham Junior school is actually on Rawcliffe Lane, so a bit nearer to lots of housing (particularly for Junior, less of a problem for them to walk into town when they are older).

Traffic is busy on Shipton Rd leading into the centre.
The 'delay' will be from the traffic lights at the junction of Shipton Rd/Rawcliffe Lane, then into town.

Driving to Bootham Junior would be ok, as you can take the backroads once you get onto Shipton Rd.

Village options include Nether/Upper Poppleton, Skelton, then others on/off the A19 North.

stubiff Wed 11-Oct-17 17:15:23

And you may be sat in traffic for 10 mins when hitting the lights I mentioned, dawdling through to Bootham Snr/St Peters.

PS. I would choose the school first, then work round travel, etc.

Teacupcakes Wed 11-Oct-17 19:51:45

Thank you Stubiff. Will get on Rightmove and have a look. Don't need a football pitch, but somewhere big enough to kick a ball about and ride a bike. Thanks so much.

stubiff Thu 12-Oct-17 11:07:47

The other option is Wigginton/Haxby/Malton Road, and Haxby/Wigginton/Strensall villages.

The entrance to Bootham Snr is actually at the end of Portland St, off Gillgate, so the above are better for this (for driving to drop off anyway).
You can cut through Clifton Moor/Water Lane/Green Lane to get to Bootham Jnr or St Peters.

Let me know you see anything on Rightmove and I’ll let you know if the area is any good!

hotdog74 Thu 12-Oct-17 11:14:22

If you have girls (or boys up to 11) then The Mount is Bootham's sister school off Tadcaster road. A lot of walking distance houses have gardens (lots of semis and detached) and it is a lovely school. Good for getting onto the A64 to Leeds etc if the is of use too.

iseenodust Thu 12-Oct-17 12:35:56

Friends moved to a very large Victorian semi in Heworth 18 months ago & they like the area. Suburbs but quite a village feel - cricket club etc. They have 2 young DC.

If you decide to look further out Stamford Bridge has a few families that send DC to St Peter's. Maybe see if there is a school bus that takes them in?

Teacupcakes Fri 13-Oct-17 22:23:13

Thank you everyone, much appreciated. Will have a look smile

iseenodust Sat 14-Oct-17 12:18:51

Another option for walk-to-school life and would get a decent garden is look at Pocklington School. DS has a lot of friends there (he is not). Parents all seem happy with it. Pocklington is thriving market town with loads of people who work in York.

Teacupcakes Sun 15-Oct-17 17:37:52

Will look at Pocklington, thank you. Do you know if doing the school run from Copmanthorpe/Fulford likely to be dreadful traffic wise?

iseenodust Sun 15-Oct-17 20:00:22

York city centre traffic is always a bit of a nightmare. A combination of reasons - the absolute centre is pedestrianised, bus lanes, the number of bridges. DS plays sports fixtures at St Peter's. The coach took an hour to get out of York (to the ring road) last summer after mid-week cricket....and that was after our school had politely declined tea to try to get away a bit early knowing it's always an issue! I've been to watch matches in the mid-week and never got a quick getaway.

I would definitely check out school buses if you decide to live further out because I guess you will end up with DC with different school finish times ? Olaves/Peters down the line?

stubiff Mon 16-Oct-17 09:00:27

Tea, assume you are saying Cop/Fulford because one of you will be working in Leeds?

From there to Pocklington School would be ok, I don't know the Cop/Fulford - A64 junctions but would suggest these will be the worst bits (people getting on A64 to go to Leeds). Once on, then A64/1079 will be against the flow.

Don't think I'd recommend Fulford to Bootham/St Peters as they are opposite sides of town.
Much better off being on/just off the road that the school is on, so for Bootham/St Peters that's the north side.

iseenodust, assume the coach was going cross-town from St P?
St P to the ring-road (north) should be 25 mins tops.

Another option is Cundall Manor, north of York. Fairly easy to get on the A1M for Leeds.

iseenodust Mon 16-Oct-17 09:30:44

Partially round inner ring-road - headed for A1079. I count across York from me as Acomb.

Agree school run to Pocklington would be fine (I thought you were querying Copmanthorpe into St P or Bootham above). The traffic would always be moving. Traffic up here is better than London / SE. I live to the east of Pock and my office is in Leeds (only go every 10 days) but I can get there in the same time as those who come in from Bradford & Ilkley. My next door neighbour has f/t office based role in Leeds.

Rubbishparent82 Mon 16-Oct-17 09:40:50

If one of you is going to be working in Leeds, the Mount might be your best bet, as housing near there is right near Tadcaster road. and if you have sons that will need to transfer school at secondary age they could easily walk to school from there as it's only twenty mins walk to the centre and on bus routes! The mount is BEAUTIFUL they have their own swimming pool, kids rugby club etc... I'm envious!

hodgeheg1 Sat 13-Oct-18 22:32:05

Old thread but wondered what decision you made, Teacupcakes? Considering St Olaves/Peters but thinking logistically it could be tricky from the Copmanthorpe side of town.

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