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Saffron Walden / Dame Bradbury's?

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PrideOfLions Fri 06-Oct-17 18:47:19


We are relocating to Cambridgeshire and thinking about the Saffron Walden area as I would love to be close enough to London while my husband will be working in Cambridge.

We are looking at Dame Bradbury's school and are hoping to visit soon but would love any feedback on the school.

I know it now belongs to the Stephen Perse Foundation and would love to know whether it is academically on a par with its Cambridge city counterpart ?

We are not looking for anywhere "pushy" and loved the way the school and foundation say that achieves excellent results without being an exam-led "hot-house". Very very similar approach to my schooling (which was in the US) .

But still would love to make sure that since the merger DB's boasts the same academic strengths as Stephen perse junior. Does anyone knows how high a percentage of DB students do actually feed into Stephen Perse senior school? I understand there is a selection process from DB to SP senior but not from SP junior to senior school where the assessment instead is made when children first join in the younger years.

Any feedback or insight or anything anyone could offer both on saffron walden and Dame Bradbury's would be so hugely appreciated.

Thank you so much!

PrideOfLions Sat 07-Oct-17 06:14:58

Bumping for the morning crowd!

hertsandessex Sat 07-Oct-17 11:56:19

I don''t know much about DB but do like Saffron Walden as a town. Bit quiet perhaps but a really nice old market town. Maybe not an issue for you Saffron Walden Country High School is a great state school and quite lot of people from private sector end up there for sixth form. If you have an interest in music there is also the Guildhall Saffron Centre for Young Musicians on Saturdays and lots of events at the Saffron Hall which is one of the best new concert halls in the country.

hertsandessex Sat 07-Oct-17 12:08:37

Also saw this on another thread which seems like quite a good summary. Reading between the lines I don't think academically on a par with SPF in Cambridge.

"Dame Bs is rural and predominantlyvwhite British so not very diverse but is friendly. It is non selective but the very academic are pushed. There is good support for those who need help. It is big on giving the children cultural experiences. It is also quite outdoorsy with forest school and gardening and the year 5 and 6 residentials. These are not city children and being outside a lot is normal to them. Good science provision. New music teacher is putting on concertscwhere all the children are involved. Also choirs and orchestras. Good sport but probably not as good as eg Kings prep or St faiths. Many chikdren are sent there because the village schools are disappointing It only goes up to 11. A lot of children go on to the local good Comprehensive but lots go to Perse, leys. Spf, felsted, kings Ely etc. A few go to boarding schools."

PrideOfLions Sun 08-Oct-17 09:41:20

Thank you so much Herts that is really helpful. Bright children being pushed, and an emphasis on the outdoors sounds good.

Also appreciate your thoughts on Saffron Walden - the music facilities are definitely a draw.

Joyfullove8 Sat 06-Jan-18 22:12:07

Hi, I know this its been a while since you posted this thread but I was wondering what your experience of Dane Bradburys has been so far? This is if course if you went down this route or your child has started? We are looking to send our son there in September but I'm keen to here some feedback. Kind regards

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