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Why Property People and Estate Agents cannot be trusted WRT schools!

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CamperVamp Thu 05-Oct-17 14:26:06

This article from the London Evening Standard is full of total bollocks.

They say houses close to good schools attract a premium and then quote a load of schools that do not admit on distance.

Houses near Henrietta Barnet are expensive because they are in bloody Hampstead Garden Suburb! Proximity to the school depends on a super-selective entrance and you have as much chance of a place from a council flat 5 miles away as you do from a mansion next door.

King's College Maths School is selective on Mathematical aptitude, and they prioritise young people whose education might not have given them the best opportunities. So: proximity to the school makes NO difference , and you are likley to be given a higher score for entry if you come from a poor, non-mansion-owning background.

The table published in the hard copy again cites the so called 'top' schools. Many of these are selective, so of course they give 'top' results, and with no regard to where you live, one is Catholic - again the admission criteria is faith - little relationship to distance. Neither of the S London schools cited admit on distance.

And actually some of the 'best' London schools , comps that do admit on distance, are in areas of relatively (we are talking London here, after all) cheaper housing. e.g Streatham.

The whole supplement is 'powered by Rightmove'.

Such Estate Agents Bollocks!

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