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Homework: Pompidou Centre branding: what values does it promote??

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Draylon Sun 01-Oct-17 14:54:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Callamia Sun 01-Oct-17 14:56:44

Creativity! It's a library, and it doesn't look like a regular building. Sounds like a great subject to write about.

BikeRunSki Sun 01-Oct-17 15:00:47

Thinking outside of the box (quite literally)

Draylon Sun 01-Oct-17 15:32:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GU24Mum Sun 01-Oct-17 16:59:41

Not sure if I'm missing the point, but aren't the colours on the PC just how it's been designed? It's not really a "brand".

2014newme Sun 01-Oct-17 17:05:12

Does it have a brand?
Not one known in the UK.
Think he needs to pick some else, with a strong brand. Otherwise he's just describing the build itself

LeninaCrowne Sun 01-Oct-17 17:08:00

It's in the Marais area of Paris, and the building the centre kicked off redevelopment in that part of the city. I guess at the time it could be seen as modern, innovative and unconventional, with the building services pipe work on the outside.

BennySF Sun 01-Oct-17 17:20:03

Transparency, maybe?
Because you can see the inner workings of the building...

Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 17:22:44

The building has an architectural style not really a brand in itself.

TefalTester123 Sun 01-Oct-17 17:26:25

Flexibility - services are on the outside so the interior is a large flexible space. Also the public space outside is very important, and part of the overall design - ie something for the general population?

blueskyinmarch Sun 01-Oct-17 17:28:32

Well it is a museum devoted to Modern art and its branding is faithful to that and follows it through from the style of the building to the webpages layout.

Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 17:29:36

It's not brand though. He needs to think flat basics - font, colour, etc and also the 'fluffy stuff' - red bulls cart races, google 'fun' offices, Andrex puppy - what would put added value on a balance sheet?

I think there's a risk of going from the brand values to analysis of the actual building itself.

Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 17:31:18

Ok - What's the actual wording of the question? How old is he?

(Cracks knuckles - designer, chartered marketer, works with architects...)

FridayFreddo Sun 01-Oct-17 17:32:35

Read this article - - it talks about the symbol of the Pompidou Centre. It seems to be a brand...

thecatfromjapan Sun 01-Oct-17 17:50:06

OK, I've had a look on line and the Centre Pompidou produces merchandise, marketed under the brand 'Centre Pompidou'. It has a publishing wing - it might be best to look at the children's books and also produces a range of merchandise, such as stationery.

As you might expect, the tag-line on the website states that the Centre Pompidou is known for quality, so I would say that it draws on its reputation as a piece of architecture and as a gallery in order to sell its merchandise.

I guess your son might start off by looking at the logo, which appears on all the merchandise and on the website and write about what its trying to say through the logo (it has a san-serif typeface, which I'll bet hasn't been changed for a number of years, and it incorporates '40' in that).

He could then look at the overt statements about the brand on the website and discuss the logo in relation to that.

I guess he could then move on to a wider discussion of what the Centre itself might be said to be a 'symbol' of, and how the brand draws on this for purposes of selling merchandise through its 'brand'.

From there, I suppose he could widen out still further and discuss the Centre itself as a 'brand' and what it stands for and embodies.

I think he will have to demonstrate that he understands the idea of branding at a basic level before he moves onto a more high-level discussion of institutions as being brands in their own right, just because people like to know you've got the basics. What level is he working at?

thecatfromjapan Sun 01-Oct-17 17:52:21

... and apologies to Fekko. My post repeats so much of what you've said - and probably less than the article you have linked to. I can't open your article though - my laptop is acting up. sad

Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 17:58:37

The article is about the logos and how this reflects the product identity. The product isn't the brand.

Check out interbrand.

Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 18:00:49

I'm just on my phone but can't seem to see the staircase logo on the site - just the '40' one.

Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 18:03:02

I remember doing a similar essay on 1st year of my graphics degree. Everyone chose everyday stuff - fairy liquid, kit Kat, Jim beam... I remember a very heated discussion about green fairy liquid versus yellow fairy liquid (yellow being off brand for some reason).

thecatfromjapan Sun 01-Oct-17 18:06:32

I opened the article - that's a great find , Fekko.

I saw the logo and until I read that, I don't think I clicked that the zig zag lines were the stairs. That's lovely.

Do you know what the typeface for the centre is? It looks like the sort of typeface that is used for books about the radical avant-garde. Does it have a history?

(I know that the product isn't the brand, Fekko, I was just thinking practically in terms of OP's child's essay and how he could narrow down and do a very clear piece of work, with concrete examples of how the branding works, and what it is. I read the early posts and was hoping to divert attention away from concentrating on the building/institution to what the brand is, and what it's used for.)

thecatfromjapan Sun 01-Oct-17 18:07:52

I think the staircase logo appears in the sub-sections on the stationery.

Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 18:09:24

I didn't post the link (nice article though) but you really don't want to get me started on fonts... I did another year at art college just on typography! It's a beautiful logo though. Maybe he should look at London Underground - now that's an interesting visual and font.

Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 18:10:11

Oh god, there goes my afternoon!

Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 18:10:55


Fekko Sun 01-Oct-17 18:13:31


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