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More House School - Frensham

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Mummyclanger66 Sat 23-Sep-17 22:05:42


DS age 8 has just been diagnosed with a non verbal learning difficulty with dyspraxia. Have also posted in SEN area.

We recently visited More House in Frensham and were impressed with the school, the boys, the facilities and the opportunities the school would offer our son

Just hoping someone can help answer a question about opportunities for friendships outside of school. We would need to move a long way from our current home, and wouldn't know anyone in the area. Just concerned about holidays/play dates and DS having someone to play with when the boys seem to come from a wide geographical area.

Thanks for sharing your experience.🙂

TrueSojourner Mon 25-Sep-17 16:52:39

bumping for you.

lamandler Mon 05-Feb-18 22:17:49

Hello - wondering how you're doing in your decision making! We had an offer today of a place for our son, and would have to make long daily journey from London or move. A year or so to make decisions, but it seems like such a great school and a perfect fit, we figure everything else will fall into place eventually.

Mummyclanger66 Wed 07-Feb-18 21:21:40


Only just seen your post, sorry. Our son will be starting in April. We'll see how he has settles in by May half term, and are then intending to put the house on the market. House prices around Farnham are a bit of a shocker as we currently live in the south west!

We think the school will be just right for him and he's mad keen to go. I think like you say things will just work out in the end. Fingers crossed.

Best of luck with making the decision for your own son. We just got the right feeling about the school so I'm going with that. X

lamandler Wed 07-Feb-18 22:06:45

Oh brilliant, I hope he settles in well. We always said that DS school would be the 'anchor' and where we live will fit round that. When you find the right school it's like all the pieces of the jigsaw falling into place...
Good luck, maybe see you there some sports day! x

Ericaequites Sun 11-Feb-18 03:01:14

If possible, could your sons attend as weekly boarders before moving house? It would be a compromise against a long journey. Moving house can be very dear.

Newportgirl Sun 04-Mar-18 17:15:18

My son is in LVI. We moved from South London in 2010, so he could start in Form V. On the basis that the school place will change the life of the family, a move is sensible. In terms of social lives, there is a school contact list and many of the years, particularly the younger ones, have meet up during term for the parents and play dates in the holidays.

Newportgirl Sun 04-Mar-18 17:16:37

Forgot to say. it's a great school! smile

Mummyclanger66 Wed 07-Mar-18 22:09:06

Thanks for the positive feedback Newport Girl. Just seen your post. DS been off school due to chicken pox.

Have now contacted my year rep at the school, who has given me a lovely welcome.

We'll probably pass each other in school. We're planning to put the house on the market in May.

dadmt Wed 02-May-18 15:54:50

Hi, Our son is in yr 7. He joined in yr 4. He knew (but was not specific friends with) one child who was in the year above. He now has loads of friends now & goes to plenty of birthday parties. We live fairly locally (accidentally, not intentionally). Children do travel a long way to go to the school but there are plenty of children who live fairly locally (at least in his year). The car park is always busy with parents at drop off & collection. If our experience is anything to go by your son will make plenty of friends. As to where they live that's pot luck I'm afraid. The year group reps organise meets ups in the summer holidays so the children can see each other & new children can get to know the existing pupils in a friendly environment & do not turn up at school knowing no-one. The boys are all helpful so your son will/would get lots of help on day 1. The travel/move decision is a personal one but I can tell you plenty of parents move (one from Hong Kong, an extreme example but it illustrates the point. Equally parents drive long distances, boys get the train & MH has boarders.
It's an outstanding school. But you won't need me to tell you that once you see the smile on your son's face & the change in him when he's been there for a short time. there is also a private facebook page which is well worth joining. In case you don't know there is a dinner dance in June at Frensham Hotel. The school will give you details. It may be full - I don't know.

lamandler Thu 13-Sep-18 18:47:06

Just resurrecting this to see how OP's DS is getting on? We are still at mainstream primary but approaching transition where we want to have More House as DS' choice. Would be great to hear how it's been!

SpringerLink Tue 04-Dec-18 17:36:39

Resurrecting again as I'm looking at the school for DS (now year 5) possibly for year 6 or more likely year 7.

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