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Does anyone use Classlist or PTAsocial?

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Wanderwall Sun 10-Sep-17 10:30:42

I'm looking into ways of improving communication between our PTA and parents.

Does anyone use either the Classlist app or the PTAsocial website?

I'd be really interested in any feedback. Thanks!

Wanderwall Sun 10-Sep-17 11:09:34

Or PTA Events?

MaryPoppinsPenguins Sun 10-Sep-17 11:10:34

We just have a Facebook group...

Wanderwall Sun 10-Sep-17 18:57:27

Thanks. No one then?

MaggieMagpie357 Thu 09-Nov-17 11:51:42

When I was PTA Chair we signed up to PTAsocial. Excellent communications and planning tool. It made a massive difference to the volunteering culture at our school - people were much more willing to help once they understood what was involved! smile

HunkyDory69 Wed 06-Dec-17 00:32:47

We're using classlist. Very annoying in thst it randomly doesn't let me in, so change password, still not in

NoSquirrels Wed 06-Dec-17 00:36:57

I'm interested too - have heard good things about classlist

Ojoj1974 Wed 06-Dec-17 00:57:10

Yes. We have recently launched it. As the chair oft kids PTA I think it is superb!!!! I can't rate it highly enough.
We (the PTA and form reps) trialled it for 4 weeks and then rolled it out. In under 2 weeks we have 76% of the parents signed up.
Great way to communicate direct to parents in boxes. Online ticket sales has proved v popular. Ease of seeing up group messages. Plus lots more ..:

Mhoc6 Wed 06-Dec-17 09:21:31

Yes! Both my daughters & sons school are using Classlist. It's great, I really like it as I can easily contact other parents in their classes. My son is in Year 7 so it was an easy way to get to know the other parents & to sort out lift shares or bus buddies. By Year 7 you are not going to meet parents at the school gate so this was fantastic. Also if I'm looking for a babysitter I can ask other parents for recommendations on Classlist .

NoSquirrels Wed 06-Dec-17 20:36:59

Ojoj what did you use to communicate before? In mentioning classlist I’ve had responses about the class WhatsApp’s being enough etc etc.

I am really interested in it being something perhaps we’d get blokes signed up to rather than only the mothers - which is what tends to happen with the WhatsApp/email groups.

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