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pinoytvtambayan Thu 03-Oct-19 14:36:04

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

avagiles Fri 13-Sep-19 19:12:21

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EvilMorty Mon 25-Jun-18 11:47:46

I don’t care if it’s advertising, I’ve used it a few times this week since I saw this post and I’m learning from it. What’s not to like hmm

user789653241 Sun 24-Jun-18 21:50:21

Another, how can people advertise free courses? We all love it, and want to share, that's all!

wizzywig Sun 24-Jun-18 18:09:04

I use duolingo. Currently on a 199 day streak!!

KHFC2018 Sun 24-Jun-18 18:06:55

I really like Duolingo and I sometimes feel like writing a post just to say that! It is free, and I have been using it for about 2.5 months 10 mins daily. I don't aim to become fluent in a language through an app, but the convenience of having something on the phone helps a lot, it is easy to learn and revise when I can steal a bit of time, otherwise I just spend all my time on MN!

AnotherDayAnotherName745 Sun 24-Jun-18 17:58:08

This looks rather like question or issue you want to discuss, just 'i love this app' hmm

B00dyM4ry Fri 22-Jun-18 16:05:52

My dd is teaching herself Japanese using duolingo- managed to translate someone's arm tatoo recently- it was 'power grin so she must be learning a bit

DoubleNegativePanda Fri 22-Jun-18 15:11:27

We use Duolingo and Babbel. DD and I are learning Esperanto together, and she's learning Korean on her own.

EvilMorty Fri 22-Jun-18 15:00:29

We love it, I am learning really quickly on it and languages are v difficult for me.

amnasheikh Fri 22-Jun-18 14:59:31

My daughter uses both Duolingo and Memrise. I am the CMO at I understand how much effort it take to make a success app like Duolingo. Great Work by Developers.

Ebeneser Thu 12-Apr-18 11:57:08

I use Duolingo, Babbel and Memrise. They each have their strengths and weaknesses.
Babbel is much more polished and offers better explanations of grammar. Also lets you record words for pronunciation etc. It is subscription based though.
Duolingo is very good, if not a tad basic - you'll net get to an advanced level using it. It's free.
Memrise I prefer to use when making my own courses. I tend to use it much more than Duolingo. I am cautious about using courses other people have made as there could be errors (I've found a couple). Memrise is also free, but there is a subscription if you want to unlock certain features (not worth it IMO).

I also like using audio CDs like Michel Thomas and Paul Noble.

robertrex Wed 11-Apr-18 11:14:52

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user789653241 Wed 06-Sep-17 21:26:32

My ds uses both Duolingo and Memrise.

With Duolingo you can start from either beginner level or intermediate with French.It started off with pictures and naming at first, but soon it changes and getting harder.

Memrise he uses for other language and there are so many different courses to choose from, and it's great. He currently does few different courses on same language, one for grammar, one for vocabulary and one for phrases.
I use memrise occasionally, and it's definitely fun, so much subject to choose from, not just language.

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Wed 06-Sep-17 21:18:51

It is better than Memrise IMO. Although I decided not to get the Memrise subscription.

Duo website version is better than the app for the main lessons, although I quite like the chatbots on the app.

Have you tried the news in slow French website/podcasts? There's beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and each podcast has a transcript online

MerdeOhMerde Wed 06-Sep-17 21:10:33

Is it more effective than other language learning app?

I've tried memrise app and despite loving it at first and buying an annual subscriptio, I've lost interest and find it quite boring and repetitive. I also dont feel like I've learned much and find it to remember what I have actually learned.

Trying to improve my French btw, I'm intermediate level.

Prokupatuscrakedatus Wed 06-Sep-17 21:05:47

I agree it's great fun!!
DD is currently refreshing her Russian vocabulary and grammar using duolingo on her smartphone.

I started on Russian and I'm refreshing other languages I'm about to forget. I combine it with Babbel - for additional grammar explanations.

CoteDAzur Wed 06-Sep-17 08:52:52

There are lots of pictures on Duolingo website. Actually, it's all about looking at the pictures and naming them.

Paris12 Wed 06-Sep-17 08:50:19

There is a great free app (with advertising if you want it free) called Duolingo for learning languages. I am learning Spanish and finding it fun. There are quite a few languages to choose from. I do a few lessons every morning and find it is really sinking in. Would highly recommend. I spoke to a Spanish senior vet and she is using Duolingo to learn French. Think it is more suitable for adults as there aren't any illustrations.

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