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Key stage 2 Attainment targets

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lucy5 Sun 18-Jul-04 02:01:28

I was just wondering if anyone could explain how the attainment targets work. Is it the case that the younger a child is the lower the attainment target is or are there 6 for every year which are adapted accordingly. Sorry I know its late but the national curriculum is new to me and i would just like it clarified so I dont look like a fool. Thanks.

popsycal Sun 18-Jul-04 22:24:29

sorry lucy - not quite sure what you are getting at

if you are a little more specific i can help you out no problem

I *think* you might mean levels from what you describe.....attainment targets are different....

lucy5 Mon 19-Jul-04 02:52:04

It just shows how confused I am, hahaha. Ive been looking at the National Curriculum for key stage 2 and got the terminology from their website. As I understood it ,there were, say for example in reading 6 levels, which they class as attainment targets. I am due to teach year 3,4 and 5, ESOL. These are foreign students at an international school who are being taught according to the National Curriculum. As I normally lecture in ESOL at Further Ed level, this is not something I am familiar with. I have read through the notes for each level and It looks like children of their age couldnt possibley meet the requirements. So, I am asking in a round about way, do the levels go up with the increased age of the child or is there some flexibility where the levels are more age appropriate. I am sorry this is so confused, you can see I clearly need help. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Lucy

hmb Wed 14-Jul-04 16:59:54

At age 7 the attainment target (aka lvels) is somewhere in the 2 band. Children working at 1 are below avarage, and children on a 3 or higher are working above avarage. At age 10 the government wants all children to be at a 4 or 5. At age 13 they want them to be working at a 5 or 6, with pressure on schools to get children up to the 6 level. There is one set of targets that take a child from 4 to 13.


lucy5 Wed 14-Jul-04 19:28:18

Thanks so much, that sounds logical. I dont know why they just didnt put that on the national curriculum website.

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