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Labelling stuff for school - tips please!

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posyhairdresser Sat 17-Jul-04 17:08:31

I'm looking for tips on what to bother labelling for school and how best to do it?!!

I have some Cash's fabric nametapes but are there any other useful products around eg sticky labels for shoes etc?

Twinkie Sat 17-Jul-04 17:22:07

Got mine all printed up in M&S and just ironed them into DDs clothes - very easy and they have stayed inher shoes too!!

If you have problems get a laundry pen and just write her name in things.

Chandra Sat 17-Jul-04 17:26:59

Twinkie, do you remember what was the name of the labels, have been looking for them at M&S website and can't find them. I have got the lovely Cash's fabric labels and never have manages to set my self to sew them into clothes...

littlemissbossy Sat 17-Jul-04 17:29:55

Having spent many a year labelling school uniform, scout uniform/camp stuff etc, believe me laundry pens are soooo much easier than having to sew all the labels in. They cost about £1 and you can buy them from supermarkets. Just check the items every now and again and go over the writing because it generally fades with washing HTH

Marina Sat 17-Jul-04 17:33:00

Stuck On You make nice labels. Check with your PTA because quite often there is a rep at the school who will give the school a (small) percentage of any order. They do have loads of UK agents btw.
Label EVERYTHING posyhairdresser, if your child is anything like ours.

Twinkie Sat 17-Jul-04 17:42:48

Just went up to the counter in M&S in Bromley and asked them tp print them out for me - they were in the Childrens Department.

posyhairdresser Sat 17-Jul-04 19:19:00

Thanks - have never noticed this at my M&S so will have a look next time! Thanks a lot too for the stuck on you link!

Miriam2 Sat 17-Jul-04 19:23:34

Although when my eldest went to school I labelled everything in sight, in reality it's the same things that go missing time and again- sweaters/ cardigans, coats, gloves ie the things they take on and off a lot. And funnily enough when they lose something quite new it's never found and the lost property box is full of old tat.

Janh Sat 17-Jul-04 22:13:38

easy2name . Someone posted a link to this ages ago, I can't remember who but it's her friend's site I think - anyway they even have negative labels for dark things - brill!

hana Sat 17-Jul-04 22:27:52

easy2name are far. will send out a sample pack so you can see what you're buying. I have enough labels for dd until she's 20!

hana Sat 17-Jul-04 22:28:01

fab I mean

roisin Sat 17-Jul-04 23:48:34

easy2name - great site! This one's passed me by ... how many hours have I spent laboriously hand sewing nametapes onto everything? Iron-on here I come!

Thank you

hana Sun 18-Jul-04 21:28:44

I thought so too - well worth the money I spent! And she recognises her name now - or at least knows that letters make up words

beetroot Sun 18-Jul-04 21:42:18

Message withdrawn

discordia Sun 18-Jul-04 22:49:20

Stuck On You labels are great. They really are waterproof. Able Labels are good for sew on and self adhesive labels.

roisin Thu 15-Jul-04 13:12:49

I requested a sample from easy2name on Monday evening; and the samples arrived this morning. I've tried them out, and am very impressed with the quality of the labels, strength of the adhesive etc. So I've placed an order today(including great white transfers to label black socks).

Thanks again for the recommendation.

Now, what am I going to do this summer with all the time I'm going to save by not sewing labels on by hand, and not having to agonise over sorting socks in the piles of laundry??

malinki Mon 19-Jul-04 11:24:30

Hi jj Cash they sell labels for books, shoes and clothes, been around since my mum was a child and she recommended them to me, they supply to Next, M&S, and I believe Woolworths are the retailer for JJ Cash, you can also find them on the internet, very cheap, you do not have to pay postage or packing and I have just bought my daughter 172 woven labels (&7.50) and labels for her books (£5.00 for 40), you even get to choose the style of type and the colour, you can even get them with little motifs on, I was extremely happy with the service, ordered them 2 weeks ago and they arrived within 1 week.

carla Mon 19-Jul-04 11:29:47

Now I just get an indelible marker pen and write our surname on it. That way when dd2 starts school she can have dd1's uniform. Easy peasy.

Jaybee Mon 19-Jul-04 11:48:56\Namemark is who I have always used - good quality labels and labels for shoes and lunchboxes, stationery too. I quite enjoy sewing on labels - usually sit in bed with a glass (or bottle) of wine and do the lot in one evening. It's quite therapeutic - sad, I know.
Beetroot - your link doesn't seem to work.

Jaybee Mon 19-Jul-04 11:50:48

Oops something weird happened to my link. Should be Namemark

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