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School choice dilemna for child due to start in September!

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hosta Fri 16-Jul-04 20:56:07

I have had sleepless nights for weeks because I really can't decide which Reception place to take up for my first child. I know it's not good to be holding two places but I'm genuinely struggling to know whats best. Both schools have waiting lists so my withdrawal from one will make someones summer.

If anyone can share their experience and possible advice I will be really grateful.
School A - my child attends nursery attached, church school( my faith).Has frienships but no "can't live without you attachments." Good school, very preoccupied with SAT's results.
School B - great facilities, dynamic and rich curriculum from early years.
Would like to make use of opportunites offered at B but more options at age11 if stay put.
I know I'm fortunate to have a choice but almost wish I didn't. Any advice please, will defo have to let one school know by tomorrow.

boudicca Fri 16-Jul-04 20:59:20

I'd say go with your gut reaction,a lot can change between now and when your child reaches 11yrs

marialuisa Fri 16-Jul-04 21:56:00

Which is easier for you to get to? If you have/plan younger sibs, which school is more likely to accept them (i.e. are you in "catchment"?)

Otherwise, which do you like best? Personally I'm not that woried about a "rich" curriculum, I'm more worried about primary school teaching the 3Rs effectively. If you're a family of arttists you may feel differently...

hosta Fri 16-Jul-04 23:12:25

Thanks to you both.Good to be reminded that 11 is along way off. Agree about 3R's both seem to deliver in this. In catchment area for both at present and can walk to both. The faith issue is important to me but should it be the main consideration.Also bit concerned nursery friends\parents may feel shunned - Would you?

JulieF Sat 17-Jul-04 02:56:51

I'd go for school B. I am very wary of any school that takes too much notice of SATS.

But then again we are a family of artists lol. Dh is a music teacher and we run a drama school.

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