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littleweed Mon 12-Jul-04 09:44:30

can any teachers help - what are teh current hot topics in primary education? have been looking in the times ed online but without much success...... cheers LW

batgirl Mon 12-Jul-04 12:13:22

Excellence & enjoyment. The government's latest dictat - intended to put fun back into school. It sounds very good (ie what teachers used to do prior to the intro of literacy hour etc!)Should be lots of info (and the policy itself) available on the govt website.

I'm not a teacher, btw, but am a primary school governor - but others may well have more informed help for you.


JulieF Mon 12-Jul-04 17:29:19

SATS and should they be abandoned/boycotted

soyabean Mon 12-Jul-04 18:10:57

New framework for inspection: shorter and no notice given. Workforce remodelling. Try \link\governornet{} or the TES chat forums .

soyabean Mon 12-Jul-04 18:13:10

Sorry, I'll try again:

Hulababy Mon 12-Jul-04 18:17:23

Remodelling of schools I think. I am sure Dottee went on a course on this this week - might be worth trying to find ehr and sounding her ut!

Hulababy Mon 12-Jul-04 18:18:40

This is the stuff I mean, but I am sure Dottee can tell you more.

littleweed Tue 13-Jul-04 11:50:56

cheers everyone you've given me lots to think about....... nice to think baout something other than nappies for a change!! (smile)

soyabean Tue 13-Jul-04 14:29:47

Why are you asking, by the way, Littleweed? Interview? Assigment? general interest?

soyabean Tue 13-Jul-04 18:19:21

Just idly wondering, not interrogating, sorry

littleweed Wed 14-Jul-04 15:55:27

sorry for the long delay - got caught up in nappies and pooh and vomit. I was asking cos I had my first teaching job interview for a few years....... but didn't get it so back to nappies for me for a while!! thanks anyway for all your help - but why do i only ever think of my clever answers afterwards??!!

soyabean Fri 16-Jul-04 15:06:25

Oh well, better luck next time!

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