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'3G pitches' or 'rubber crumb' are they safe?

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Lizzycalder1 Mon 26-Jun-17 17:09:18

Sorry I posted this in the wrong area. I was a little concerned last week hearing my daughter talk about rubbery smells from her school's 3G pitch a few weeks. Having contacted the school they have tried to reassure me but there seems to be a woeful lack of independent testing of these rubber crumb pitches and the gasses released especially when they get hot.

If your child's school has a 3G pitch has your child mentioned any rubbery smells?

huliwalker Mon 26-Jun-17 17:22:36

I have actively told my child's secondary school that he should be excluded from any 3G sports. I'd rather err on the side of caution.

Seems as though a few schools are being complacent about the dangers - many articles on the internet about this and schools in Holland have ripped them up for the benefit of doubt. I know that many of the boys in my local school spend hours on their 3G pitch. Breathing in rubbery smells can't be good so I would suggest speaking with your child's school again and ask your child to be excluded.

TalkinPeece Tue 27-Jun-17 17:43:23

Do you allow them to walk near roads?

If you keep them off PE, what will you do to get their cardio system working ?

smellyboot Fri 30-Jun-17 21:28:05

There is research out there to be read. Some comes from the USA where the pitches get very very hot - too hot for grass to not be permanently like concrete unless watered constantly. It barely every gets that hot in the UK. Some pitches in Europe were removed due to concerns over the type of rubber used in the early days being contaminated

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