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Questions for starting school

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zebra Sat 10-Jul-04 19:10:09

1) How many school uniform outfits should I buy? How much would trousers+shirt+sweatshirt usually cost?

2) Tougher... What do you do if they happen to throw a wobbly & refuse to go? 4yo DS had me in tears today when he refused 2 stay at playgrp. He just has the odd unpredictable "off" morning like this. Am very upset about it. How am I going 2 make him stay at big school? Rewards, punishments, star charts? Forcing him 2 stay would probably be impossible, a nightmare.

-Z (resisting the urge 2 start another F&*%ing Fours thread)

iota Sat 10-Jul-04 19:14:48

Last Sept I bought
3 prs trousers from Tesco/BHS/JLewis - all £6 to £7

2 x sweatshirts with school logo, £9 each

2 x 3 pack of white polo shirts from Tesco or M&S %5 each

Have just remembered an ad for M&S for discount uniforms at the mo

iota Sat 10-Jul-04 19:15:43

re pt 2
I just told mine he had to go as it was the law.

zebra Sat 10-Jul-04 19:17:26

I have £4 off at Tescos coupons when I spend £20, that's partly why I ask (otherwise, could give away). I was thinking 3 outfits, too.

tamum Sat 10-Jul-04 19:18:26

1) IME it depends on what they are going to be having for lunch. Mine always come home appearing to have had yogurt thrown all over them from a distance, so I need 3 or 4 changes of clothes (since I only do washing at weekends). We buy most of our uniform from the school, but I think you can get it quite reasonably from BHS. Teflon coated trousers are the business, and cost about £9 I think.

2) Hard. You do see it happen a fair bit with a few kids in term 1. Usually the teachers just take them in- at our school the children line up in the playground and then go in with the teacher- if parents don't go in with them then the kind of scenario you describe is less likely to happen maybe? I think you may just have to discuss strategies with his teacher. My ds went from being (ahem) difficult to being angelic within days of starting school, I think because he was just so happy. Maybe your ds will be the same?

marialuisa Sat 10-Jul-04 19:29:13

Agree with the 3 sets of uniform consensus.

As for the other part, how has he been on settling in visits (if he's had them yet)? From what I've seen Reception teachers are used to coping with "school refusal" and adapting welcome routines appropriately. Can you speak to his class teacher before he starts to find out what strategies they use to put your mind at rest.

Sorry, that assumes you manage to get him out of the house in the first place so may not be very helpful.

jimmychoos Sat 10-Jul-04 19:30:32

Zebra - this is a great thread. My ds starts in Sept too and I've been wondering about uniforms! I think it will be easier for me to leave him because he'll be there in the mornings only for the first term so he'll be able to get used to going every day. My (main)worry (at the moment) is I have no idea what to expect the first morning. Although the school have given lots of info and we've been on a visit (with DS which went well - he didn't want to go home) and to a parents evening I still don't know how it will work on the first day. Will I be expected to just leave him at the door? will I be expected to go in for 10 mins and then leave? I know I should have asked at parents evening but TBH I felt as though I was the only person asking any questions and felt a bit self concious!

lydialemon Sat 10-Jul-04 19:33:48

Definitely a minimum of 3 changes. One in the cupboard, one in the wash, one on the child. More is better, but you can always pick up bits during the year.

Don't worry if he refuses to go in. The teachers are used to it, and they'll have strategies to cope with it. If it's only the odd morning anyway......

lydialemon Sat 10-Jul-04 19:39:00

When DS1 started, we were allowed into the school to help them take off their coats etc and then we were expected to leave. By the half term we were expected to leave them in the playground when they lined up with the teacher. A few kids still had their parents take them in, so they were quite flexible about it.

DS2 is starting this September too, but he goes to the school nursery and they will be 'practising' being in reception over the next few weeks (meeting the teacher, spending time in the class etc)

tamum Sat 10-Jul-04 19:50:27

Jimmychoos, I'd be surprised if they made you leave your child in the playground on the very first day. Our school only let you come in for the first week, but they get the children to practise lining up during that week so they know what to expect. Do you know any other parents you could ask? I think it's worth knowing so you can prepare your ds; I wouldn't hesitate to ring the school and ask if necessary. Good luck!

jimmychoos Sat 10-Jul-04 19:55:50

Tamum - yes I'm going to ring I think. I'm not normally so reticent but I just had a sense of all these parents being around and my child being one of 25 rather than one of 8 as he is at nursery!

tamum Sat 10-Jul-04 19:57:38

I know, it's quite daunting, isn't it? It was so nice when dd started this year to be able to relax as I knew the drill from when ds started!

jampot Sat 10-Jul-04 19:59:01

Zebra - I would be inclined to buy at least 2 trousers and 2 sweatshirts plus 5 shirts. Aim for 3 of the former if you can. BHS usually very reasonably priced but M&S is excellent quality.

As for starting school, has your son been offered a couple of mornings when the new children go along and listen to stories etc? Also loads of children cry to start with. At our school, the reception children go in small groups on a couple of days for the first week culminating in "whole class" for the Friday which coincidentally is toy day. Teachers/helpers are very experienced in coaxing sad little children with the aid of a paint pot or sand & water... from what I remember it's a lot harder for the parents than the kids...

SoupDragon Sat 10-Jul-04 20:02:13

I bought DS1 3 pairs of trousers, 3 pairs of shorts, 6 polo shirts (1 per day plus a spare!) and 2 school sweatshits. The sweatshirts were the most expensive bit and I figured I could wash one out every other day if necessary. This seems to have worked OK. Minor marks can be sponged off a sweatshirt the night before!

SoupDragon Sat 10-Jul-04 20:03:01

I got Tescos trousers and polo shorts and they've lasted the year fine. Some of the polo shirts could do with a dose of stain remover but they've worn well.

SoupDragon Sat 10-Jul-04 20:03:16

polo SHIRTS <<rolls eyes>>

SoupDragon Sat 10-Jul-04 20:06:20

At DSs school, you bring them right to the class and can stay with them as long as you like, helping them to change books, have a look at what activities are out for the day and to look at the work on the walls and in their folder. If your child is having problems with you leaving, the teacher or assistant will take them off and give them a job to do (like helping take the register).

daisy1999 Mon 12-Jul-04 19:38:47

Adams has a buy one get 2nd half price on schoolwear at the minute.

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