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Is it legal for a child of 6 to go to school part time?

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lars Sat 10-Jul-04 18:47:42

I have had problems with my ds some of you may be following the thread. My ds has been excluded for 3 wks and goes back in September but only for part time ( mornings). Alot of people have said this doesn't seem right, ds will be going into year 2.
There are not saying this is permanent but they have not said how long for and ds has no one to one in the classroom. He is suppose to get 3hrs of help every day but this appears not to happen as he does not have a statement yet.
Can I get help with tutoring at home at all and is this actually legal, if the school can't cope should he not be offered alternative school place else where larsxx

Jimjams Sat 10-Jul-04 18:59:40

A chid should be in full time education the term after they are 6. You can flexi-school ie part time school and part time home- but that would be your choice. Why can't the school cope? Do they need extra staff? That can be authorised by the LEA before the statement is finalised (my son's was). If I was you I wuld phone the statementing officer and moan like mad! If he isn't in school full time because the school can't cope then I think you have every right to ask the LEA to provide tutoring. Ring your statementing officer and if possible ask for a face to face meeting. I find them more productive on tricky points than moaning at them over the phone.

Jimjams Sat 10-Jul-04 19:00:50

sorry term after they are FIVE not six.

The school should be able to provide 3 hours 1:1 form their general SN budget unless they are really stretched SN wise.

lars Sat 10-Jul-04 19:06:18

Jimjams thanks so much for your good advice as always. larsxx

lars Sun 11-Jul-04 20:30:12

Just an update folks. I spoke to statement officer she said can't you send him back to his old school - WHAT! No places at the moment, but don't like the juniors anyway.

DS is on action plus and is supposed to get 3hrs of help a day - doesn't get it.
The education do not appear to be bothered the attitude is very 'matter of fact'. Do i watch the parenting programmes on tv, for god sake this is the statement officer's advice.

I really feel I want to move ds from the school but not sure what school and who would take 2 children, as sibling is in yr 5.
Can I sue for part time schooling and no 3 hrs of help, who can help with advice?

ScummyMummy Sun 11-Jul-04 20:52:02

I think it would be helpful for you to contact ACE or IPSEA to get advice on this, lars. ACE are particularly interested in exclusion issues, I think. My understanding is that the school is breaking the law unless he is being officially excluded each afternoon but I'm afraid that sometimes schools do not give a fig for the law, so you will need to get specialist advice. Hope you get somewhere- it sounds like things are rough for you and your son atm.

lars Mon 12-Jul-04 21:17:38

Thanks for your advice ScummyMummy,
I am really not happy and phoned round my local area for alternative schools- all full
Except for the school mine go to- now there's a surprise!

The statement officer has spoken to the school and said they will get funding according to the head- not what she said to me. But my feeling of the school is now at an all time low and I feel really angry.

DS is not allowed to go to the sport days either, as I was working my friend kindly offered to look after him and she was going to help on the schools pta stall and he was going to help her and she said that he will be under her care.
The school said he is not allowed to go and this will be seen as a fun day for ds. My friend and were shocked as isn't sports day supposed to be fun. This B-----Y school is just CRAP!

I've just had it with this education and don't want to send him but don't appear to have a choice. BTW you name it i've spoken to them. larsxx

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