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any comments on TWICKENHAM PREP, PARK HILL and KINGS HOUSE (Richmond, Kingston areas)?

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hjeon76 Mon 19-Mar-07 20:36:45

We have recently moved to North Kingston and are looking for a private pre-prep school for ds (2 1/2)

came up with 3 preferred schools.

PARK HILL SCHOOL in North Kingston.
KINGS HOUSE in Richmond.

I wonder if anyone can give me any feedback they have about these schools.
Any good or bad comments?

Also appreciate it if you post about any other good private schools nearby the Kingston area.

Azure Tue 20-Mar-07 09:06:55

The son of a colleague of mine went to Kings House and I heard good things about it (in a non-specific way). The head teacher did a short presentation at my son's school last month (he has to move on at 8) and she seemed quite impressive. Not much info I know, but hopefully it's bumped the thread!

Bubble99 Tue 20-Mar-07 20:21:14

Kings House is good, by all accounts.

Mr Bubble went there when he was a nipper, but I'm sure it has recovered.

Vinni123 Sun 12-Aug-07 20:56:04

Twickenham Prep School wa a dreadful place when I sent my daughter there. She left in April 2003, as a result of being bullied (pinch marks and having her fingers stomped on) and also there is a Year 2 teacher who has a bad reputation for yelling/screaming at the children (Year 2 at the time!) and my child found her scary. We tried to speak to the school and get the problems resolved. But after 5 months of constantly having meetings, they refused to either discipline the teacher or speak to the other parent regarding the bullying. In fact, other parents were just taking their children out of the school & left quietly. We wasted 5 months and ended up taking her out without any resolution or help. It really took alot of confidence out my my 5 year old at the time. I would not recommend Twickenham Prep to anyone. I believe the teacher with the anger management issue is still to this day working there!!!! So...sorry....bad comments are all i can think of! My daughter started in Reception and was there for just over 2 years. Wish I had taken her out alot sooner.

slondonmum Thu 16-Aug-07 20:59:38

I have to say I found Twick Prep fine and a very nice, caring school, although my child has now left there to go to a state school for financial reasons. And I know several of my daughter's friends (still there) with parents who are more than happy with it. But then we didn't have the shouty teacher -- although still not sure who you are referring to! There is a new headmaster (Mr Malem) who is very effective, a strong hand at the reins but a really nice guy too. I personally would go and look round it if I was you, although presumably Park Hill is nearer.

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