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Anyone home educating - ie NOT sending kids to school

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PotPourri Sat 10-Jul-04 14:42:49

DH didn't go to school til he was 14, and at his own choice. I went the full way through. He's definately got a more rounded view of the world and learns from his surroundings and books etc much more effectively than I do (and I'm a very high achiever as it happens). I learn to pass an exam, or to meet a deadline, or in preparation for a presentation. And it just doesn't stick.

We're expecting our first little 'un and I'm wondering if anyone could share success/less successful stories about home educating. I would love to have the courage to do it, but it's so different from what I know...

PotPourri Sat 10-Jul-04 14:59:46

Oops, posted twice. See thread a couple of minutes before...

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