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So where do the DUP stand on key education issues?

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TheKingIsInTheAltogether Fri 09-Jun-17 11:01:03

If the Conservatives form an alliance with the DUP, will they support Theresa May's controversial plans for more academic and faith selection in our schools?

noblegiraffe Fri 09-Jun-17 11:04:49

The Tories needed a majority of 30 to push through grammars seeing as members of their own party don't support them so this is likely to be binned.

SixInTheBed Fri 09-Jun-17 11:09:56

Education policy would be the least of my worries with the DUP

TheKingIsInTheAltogether Fri 09-Jun-17 11:11:44

Dear Mumsnet Towers - we need an emoticon for (cautious) celebratory fireworks.

noblegiraffe Fri 09-Jun-17 11:14:00

Do the DUP even get to vote on English education issues?

PigletWasPoohsFriend Fri 09-Jun-17 11:17:13

Do the DUP even get to vote on English education issues?

Yes. Just as the SNP do.

They are at Westminster.

halcyondays Fri 09-Jun-17 11:20:12

DUP are pro grammar schools, it's the only thing I agree with them on.
I think if they team up with the Tories, they could vote on anything, but with only 10 seats they wouldn't have a huge influence.

noblegiraffe Fri 09-Jun-17 11:26:18

That seems a bit unfair as education is devolved!

2014newme Fri 09-Jun-17 11:28:46

Overall policy like grammar schools isn't devolved though is it?

titchy Fri 09-Jun-17 11:29:22

Only English MPs can debate on devolved matters, but once the ping-ping between the two houses has settled all MPs can vote on devolved matters - Google West Lothian question for details.

titchy Fri 09-Jun-17 11:29:55

The entire DfE remit is devolved so that would include grammar schools.

GetAHaircutCarl Fri 09-Jun-17 11:30:37

The DUP are pro selective education.

It might be one of the few policies the two parties can agree on.

Edincro Fri 09-Jun-17 21:10:22

How do you mean by pro selective with education?

TheKingIsInTheAltogether Fri 09-Jun-17 21:48:43

Given that Theresa May's proposal to increase faith selection was specifically designed to help the Catholic Church create more schools, it seems unlikely that the DUP would support it, even if they were able to vote on it as a devolved issue.

gingercat02 Fri 09-Jun-17 22:02:53

Selection is the norm in NI. All children sit an exam at 10/11 and then get free state secondary school or grammar which usually requires parental contribution. The Catholic school system is similar but I don't have personal experience of that

Blanketdog Mon 19-Jun-17 11:27:46

All children don't have to sit the 11plus in NI - the Catholics don't have to anyway. They have a choice to sit it, just like in England.

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