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After school clubs/breakfast clubs.

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unicorn Fri 09-Jul-04 14:56:37

Does anyone know how these work/ how funded etc.

We don't currently have one and many feel it would be extremely beneficial- but it is a Catholic school and the Chr of Governors (the priest) has shown no interest whatsoever.

How do you go about getting one set up for the school?

tamum Fri 09-Jul-04 15:05:26

Our school had one that was run by the PTA for many years. It was a vast amount of work in terms of administration, and became particularly difficult when it turned out not to meet some kind of H and S criteria. The woman who ran it refused to comply with the regulations, the PTA then had to sack her, and she took them to a tribunal for wrongful dismissal. The chair of the PTA virtually lost a year of her life dealing with it all. Obviously that's a worst-case scenario, but it's probably worth bearing in mind how tough it can be. In the end the PTA got a commercial company in to organise it all- there was a long handover period where organisation was discussed, and now it's all running smoothly. I guess we were just lucky that there happened to be this local company doing various childcare clubs though. The costs went up, but people pretty much accepted that this was inevitable. I think under both regimes the cost was all met by the parents. I bet there's lots of other ways of doing it though. HTH!

codswallop Fri 09-Jul-04 15:16:48

we are etting one up at the mo
there are VAT implications if school run it apprentyl but if commitee do it as a comunity thing int eh school its easier

chatee Fri 09-Jul-04 17:03:38

get in touch with your local childrens information service/sure start leaders as they know all the info and will help you set up

my dd starts school in sept and we started the process a few weeks ago(ehhmmm elected onto my first commitee-frightening for me but it's got to be done to support the venture) good luck

tabitha Fri 09-Jul-04 17:19:35

Hi unicorn,

there was a thread about this a while ago. Will see if I can find it and post it for you.
I was involved in setting up an after school club at my children's previous school a few years ago. It was hard work, there were lots of issues to consider, such as child protection, inclusion of children with special needs etc, which I had never thought about, However, ultimately, it was very worthshile both in that we got an after school club out of it and also from a person point of view - made lots of good friends.
Main things I would suggest are: check that there really is the demand out there (there probably will be); try to get funding (lottery, council etc) to tide you over the 'lean times' when you're starting out; find someone who can help you with the legal type issues that social services insist on. One of the parents on our management committees was a social worker which helped a lot. And, possibly most importantly, talk to someone who has been involved in setting up a simmilar club and pick their brains as much as you can. This helped us enormously.
Good luck

tabitha Fri 09-Jul-04 17:24:26

I think this might be it

unicorn Fri 09-Jul-04 21:29:35

thanks all!
Wasn't thinking of doing it myself- just wondered how to get one set up really, but I spose if noone will do it - it won't happen at all.
I have pals at other schools who seem to benefit no-end from the cheap after school facilities- and our lot have to pay for childcare- or not work at all.(doesn't seem fair)

SofiaAmes Sat 10-Jul-04 01:33:56

My ds is starting at nursery in september at the local state primary school. He is going to be attending the afterschool club that is run by the YMCA. It might be worth contacting your local Y to see if they might want to start an afterschool program.

Marina Sat 10-Jul-04 12:53:17

And in some parts of London a contractor (in Bromley it is Chucklebox and they're very good in our experience) will come in and do the lot for you, employing any existing staff (dinnerladies, playground supervisors) if they would like the work.
This means that ds spends a pleasant late afternoon with people who already know him well, in familiar surroundings. I wish he didn't have such a long day (although as a nursery veteran he is used to it, I suppose) but he is very happy and secure at After School Club and I am a big fan. Especially as we couldn't find a local registered childminder to do a pick up from his school...

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