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How does part time work at postgraduate degree level?

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LilyRose22 Fri 19-May-17 11:39:29

I'm looking to go back to university to complete an MA.
The university offers full time (1 year) or part time (2 years). The expectation is that full time will take 40 hours a week and part time 20 hours.
How does part time actually work? Will I do half the modules one year and half the next or each module over a longer time? Do I still work alongside the full time students?
Any advice/ info would be gratefully received smile

2014newme Fri 19-May-17 11:57:45

Part time students are normally taught separately

Fink Fri 19-May-17 12:03:23

It will depend on the university. I'm doing half the number of modules each year (so only one module per term rather than two) but I still have to complete the dissertation alongside the taught modules. We're all taught together.

HappyAsASandboy Fri 19-May-17 13:58:16

I did a part time masters (1yr course spread over 2yrs).

Us 'part-timers' were taught alongside the full timers. We did half the modules one year and half the modules the next year. I started my dissertation at the beginning of the second year and handed it in with everyone else at the end of my second year.

Ultimately a degree is just the completion of modules that add up to the required number of credits. So you do half the credits in the first year and half in the second year.

Fink Fri 19-May-17 14:34:34

Oh, I should have said in my first post: I have never heard of the system of taking each module over a longer time. I'm not sure that this exists. It's quite normal to just take fewer modules at a time.

roguedad Sat 20-May-17 09:24:56

I used to run an MSc which was for both full-time and part-time students. The PT people just did half, or perhaps a bit more of the modules in year 1 and half (or a bit less) in year 2. This particular course had lectures from 5pm to 7pm to people with FT jobs could usually get to it with a bit of employer flexibility.

That all worked fine. I had bigger problems with part-time PhDs. It's a long haul - maybe 5-7 years - and a lot can change in a person's life over that time making it hard to get to the end. A couple of exceptionally dedicated people did fine but I ended up needing a lot of convincing that someone could literally stay the course. MSc is fine over 2 years.

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