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Calling Secondary School Art Teachers

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MaureenMLove Wed 17-May-17 16:07:48

I've asked this before, but only had a couple of responses, so I thought I'd have another go!

When it comes to your GCSE & A level exams, what part do you play? This is what our Art dept do.

During March/April, all staff will sit in with the exams, along with an external invigilator. We have 4 art subjects, so 4, maybe 5 members of staff off timetable for 2 days each for GCSE's. 2 A level subjects, so 2 staff for 2 days.

Late April/May. All 7 members of staff off timetable for at least 2 days each to moderate work for all subject areas.

There are around 120 students who take the art subjects.

Late May/ June. 3 member of Art off timetable and moderating in other schools.

Is this the norm in other schools? I can't help thinking they're taking the mick! English never ask for time off timetable for moderating and they have in excess of 450 pieces of work to look at between them!

I'm trying to put a good case to SLT in charge of Art, but can only do that if I'm being unreasonable! grin

user1495025590 Wed 17-May-17 16:12:20

Just asked DD who has just done her GCSE art.She said no external invigilator in the exam and neither have the art teachers missed any normal lessons

MaureenMLove Wed 17-May-17 16:21:07

Interesting. Thank you. Who did she have in the room then? They have to have someone in there for public exams, I'm sure.

user1495025590 Wed 17-May-17 17:42:54

On closer questioning a lady walked in for a few minutes with the HT and said 'that's nice' to student.The vast majority of the time the normal teacher or no teacher at all was in the room

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