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Mount Kelly - what's it like these days?

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capricapers Tue 16-May-17 16:51:49

I went to Kelly (before it was MK) in the late 80s. We are considering sending our daughter there for her sixth form. I have great memories from my time there but what is it like these days? I can't see a great deal published about it online, so I'd like to cast the net further and ask you.
• Academically, how do you think it performs?
•What are the teachers like?
•What are its strengths and weaknesses?

In my day it was an excellent school. But the sixth form is short and over before you know it, so we'd rather not make any mistakes. We are not based in Devon, so it's hard to glean lots of up-to-date answers.
I would appreciate your help and advice. Thank you.

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