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DS 10 year 6 Social Probs (he has sensory problems)

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trumpthunder Fri 12-May-17 17:26:36

Does anyone else have a child that has just struggled socially all the way through primary school. My son just has loads of social probs. Some of it caused by his reaction to others and some just weird. As I said he has sensory problems but doesn't struggle with the work so other than going to see my GP who told me not to worry, I have asked the teachers who say he's fine at school. Am sick of having to go in to see each class teacher, it is exhausting. There is a very established hierarchy amongst the boys and he appears to be near the bottom. It always seems to be worse at this time of year. The latest is a spate of name calling, which includes one child who he thinks is his friend (ok with him one day and not the next, drops him if there's a better option). Any advice of suggestions?? Help!!

irvineoneohone Fri 12-May-17 19:09:03

Why do you need to go to see each class teacher?
My ds has sensory issue, chronic illness, multiple allergies, traits of asd, quirky personality, mixed race, etc., and I'm sure he won't be popular boy, but seems to get on with life and enjoys school some how.
I think he has quite thick skin and seems to have learned to ignore unpleasant people.

user1471537877 Fri 12-May-17 22:30:10

Hi I'm going to totally disagree with the last poster

Yes yes yes please see the teacher, further as a year 6 presumably about to transition you need to be communicating with the next school

Yes some kids cope but others fall apart spectacularly on transition especially if they're just coping

I speak from bitter experience when our year 6 teacher knew better than camhs and removed all support

On transition our DD who is very sensory defensive fell apart so badly we were on suicide watch

Please, you're his mum, you can see he's in need don't wait till it gets worse

A good senco at secondary well informed can put careful support in place, ensure he's in a class with others he is likely to gel with, but they need to know to plan things

If you need more support come over to the special needs board where there are lots of us with kids just like yours who can offer support and advice

irvineoneohone Fri 12-May-17 22:42:10

Sorry if I sounded insensitive, I didn't mean to. I am sorry.
Totally agree with user's suggestion.

trumpthunder Sat 13-May-17 12:24:31

Thank you, the yr6 teacher is very good. I did speak to him about transitioning and asked for him to go on the scheme for familiarisation at hs but due to budget cuts they have reduced places and also he said from what he saw this wasn't required. Also ds said he didn't want to do it. Once I get a contact at high school I think this will help. He got into a fight last week, which is out of character, as someone was trying to wind him up and succeeded. He's loads better than he used to be, have read lots and we have talked a lot. Still has sleep issues and eating issues, so have spoken to an OT privately, as I said the gp said that he was at a loss to where to refer. A lot of his problems come from confusion as to who his friends are, he is a bit too eager and when someone is unkind does not know how to react. Have gone through the scenarios and given him a couple of things to say. Thanks again for advice x

user1471537877 Sat 13-May-17 14:06:08

It sounds like he is masking which is classic and gives a false impression of his ability to cope sadly

Reading social cues can be a big problem which some children take advantage of

Hopefully in a bigger school he should meet similar personalities, I find they seem to gravitate towards each other

It may be worth asking if there is a nominal special needs form where he may gain more support and be with others on the same wavelength

DS is in a form like this, at least half the boys are on the spectrum and it seems to work well, they seem to socialise more out of school in online gaming which works well on a number of levels

DD couldn't cope and is now in an online school, funnily enough a high percentage of her classmates are aspires and it's like they've found their herd

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