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Laptops/iPads in school

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Tainbri Sat 06-May-17 11:11:18

Just a quick question on how much (if any) access your DC has to a personal device for recording work? If they do, how does it hook up to the school wifi? How does school keep your child safe from unsuitable web use and it's system safe from viruses? (This is the excuse used for NOT allowing devices at my sons school) im not technical and need to educate myself as I've been told he needs to be using a laptop by professionals as he's very dyslexic but school won't have it. Going to meeting next week. Thanks for your help!

noblegiraffe Sat 06-May-17 11:18:58

How bizarre that your school won't let a dyslexic child use a laptop, it is a fairly standard adjustment.

In my school a laptop would connect to the school wifi by logging in with the same username and password as used for logging into the school network. It would have all the same monitoring as a computer on the school network - websites would be filtered and activity would be logged.

virtualinsanity Sat 06-May-17 11:27:53

Schools usually have several networks and the one that pupils and teachers use with own devices will be completely separate to the ones that runs the schools internal systems and devices. They will need to log on to the network with their normal school username and password which means all browsing can be monitored and access to sites blocked just like a school computer. Kids and staff tend to stick to their 4G for this reason.

Schools vary hugely in their approach to personal device use in lessons. It can be a really useful tool for recording homework, brillant classroom apps etc if used wisely.

LIZS Sat 06-May-17 14:13:09

All at dc school now have ipads to use in lessons and for homework. Before then ds used his own laptop in class, don't think he needed wifi access though. When he got his ipad we provided a bluetooth keyboard but think school now offer those where appropriate.

Tainbri Mon 08-May-17 08:52:12

Thanks for this - I bought him a laptop after the last meeting I had and pre-loaded it with Dragon Speak, it was all agreed he'd get the support. Basically it doesn't come out of his bag. He also says he can't print anything without the wifi so it's totally pointless! Feeling very frustrated!!

LIZS Mon 08-May-17 08:53:50

Can't he use a memory stick and print out on a school computer?

Crumbs1 Mon 08-May-17 08:56:16

Our children's school insisted all pupils had the same approved laptop.

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