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Question for primary school teachers ...

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carla Mon 05-Jul-04 21:45:15

.. apart from the academic stuff, are you obliged to put something positive in the PSHE and Cizitenship section? Or the general progress bit?

carla Thu 08-Jul-04 02:32:45

Popsy ... or anyone else?

thepin Thu 19-Aug-04 19:09:29

Different schools complete reports in different ways. I believe that the only obligation is to report on the child's progress. I am not sure that this is actually defined any where.
I would imagine that if the school has only mentioned what they have done (my interpretation of what you have said) is because there are not clear about how to measure progress in this area. It is quite a complicated area to comment on because of judgement as to what they might be saying. However, I comment on willingness to listen, communicate in sessions, ability to reflect on what others might be saying, strength of character in discussions, etc depending on the child. Knowledge is not necessarily important, it would be the interpretation of what is being covered and application.

Yorkiegirl Thu 19-Aug-04 19:12:14

Message withdrawn

janeybops Sun 22-Aug-04 00:43:44

I was always told to write something positive first when writing reports, and I do this, then lead onto other points. I might also add that sometimes it is very difficult to find something positive to say about a pupil, especially when they have told you what they think of you in quite colourful language!

popsycal Sun 22-Aug-04 11:16:28

not obliged but it is pretty standard practice to try and at least give a 'target' if the rest of the report is a little negative

we report on PSHE and citizenship but I am not 100% sure if at key stage 1 (which your girls are at if I remember rightly) that you 'have to' report on it

I always 'sandwich' anything negative i have to say between positive comments and end with a target if I can.

However, I have seen quite a few primary school reports which are pretty much telling you what has been covered during the year with a personalised sentence tagged on the end.

Carla - can you be more specific and I could help out more?

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