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Thomas's Battersea vs Christ Church Chelsea

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Shinabng Sat 22-Apr-17 19:47:48

Dear Mums,
I'm in a dilemma and would really love to hear your precious views. My daughter has a place for reception at Thomas's Battersea and we were very happy for this. However surprisingly she's also admitted to Christ Church Primary Chelsea based on proximity. We have never expected this and prepared ourselves for Thomas's but now after our visit to Christ Church I started questioning our decision as Christchurch seemed a beautiful school to me. We can afford Thomas's without much sacrifice but still thinking does it really worth? Please consider the facts that both schools are at same distances and we are not Christians and not originally British. I would love to hear your opinions and experiences especially of mums at Christ Church. Thank you

228agreenend Sat 22-Apr-17 19:50:44

Isn't Thomas Battersea where Prince George has a place?

Shinabng Sat 22-Apr-17 19:51:31

Yes 228

HerculesMulligan Sat 22-Apr-17 19:51:54

I'd have thought that most parents would either be extremely keen or utterly horrified at the prospect of Thomas' immiment Reception year group, OP. Is that swaying your decision?

Shinabng Sat 22-Apr-17 19:58:38

Not really Hercules!

EdithWeston Sun 23-Apr-17 08:18:09

Which side of the river do you live?

Shinabng Sun 23-Apr-17 11:02:03

North of the river but both schools are at same distance, 10 minutes walk away.

228agreenend Sun 23-Apr-17 11:58:12

Can you visit both schools again? See what feels right for you.

I imagine there's a lot of people hoping you will accept the Chrsit Church place, as then it releases a place at TB for them!

nightswimming1 Sun 23-Apr-17 21:08:37

OP says she is not originally British so probably has a far more sensible approach towards the royal family (ie who cares?!)
OP I would say it depends on your ultimate plans for your daughter for secondary and the entry points / preparation you will need to do. Plenty of pupils get into great secondaries (state and private) from London state schools at 11 but Thomas'S will take a lot of the hard work away from you in this regard.
If it isn't a stretch I think the private school would make life easier for t he transition at 11, but both could work. This all sounds like a long way off but you need to think of the long game!

Earlybird Sun 23-Apr-17 21:12:45

Do you know any parents with dc at either school? If so, speak to them to get their opinion / experience. Find out what they perceive to be the strengths and weaknesses - it is always good to hear an opinion from someone with direct / current experience of the schools you are considering. It could help you judge which school might be better for your child and your family.

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