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Summerfields or Dragon

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user1476983128 Tue 11-Apr-17 22:10:33

I wondered if anyone has recent experiences at Summerfields or the Dragon?
Our DS is 10, an all rounder, loves all types of sport (but not in top teams), swimming, golf and sailing too, and would be happy to board.
Interested particularly in the pastoral care, quality of teaching and how supportive the children are of each other.
Many thanks.

SirMister Thu 13-Apr-17 14:36:57

My son started as a Day Boarder at Summer Fields and he loved it so much he was desperate to board the following year.
The school staff are supportive, approachable and in tune with the needs of the boys. Boys are all smiling even when they are not smiling (if you know what I mean) which always reassures us. Definitely a place where boys can be boys but at the same time keep pushing on the academic front.

Summer Fields is big on sports as it ensures that sports are part and parcel of each day at school however, the coaching or standard of the teams they turn out could (should) be higher compared to the performance of competing teams from similar sized schools. The post match spread they put on almost makes up for it though - by far the best of all the schools.

There is a feeling that the school (having done fantastically well in previous years and in recent times,) is not as quick as it should be to move with the times and to the changes happening around them with changing entry criteria/standards at other senior schools. So naturally there is a concern that will impact on future school destinations but nevertheless, this should not detract from the superb job this school does to churn out (on the whole) very intelligent, well mannered and happy boys.

There is a good blend of British and foreign students and this can only benefit the boys as I feel it prepares them from a very early age on how to understand cultural differences which you hope they can capitalise on when they reach working age.
I have to admit though that if the balance of this mix shifts any more towards more non-Brits then it might change the feel of the school and detract from the "Britishness" that the foreign students (or their parents) were attracted to in the first place. I know, sensitive topic but simply stating the facts on proportions should not offend (also I would like to reiterate "There is a good blend of British and foreign students and this can only benefit the boys...").

We have no experience of DS but I hear it is a fine school but co-ed. My boy insisted on single sex school as he's going through that phase most boys go through....urgh girls.....before it become, oooh girls. Boys will be boys and let them be just that.

Hope that helps?

vixsatis Thu 13-Apr-17 14:40:29

DS left SF three years ago. It's paradise for little boys. The pastoral care is completely wonderful and I don't think that there is as much chance of getting "lost" as at the Dragon, which is so much bigger

user1476983128 Thu 13-Apr-17 15:31:18

Thank you, SirMister, very much indeed. That helps tremendously. Sounds as if it would be the school our son would love too. And if the staff members are approachable and supportive that would make a wonderful change from where we currently are - some encouraging, but some definitely not so - our son's favourite subject was turned into his least favourite within two lessons at the start of this academic year by an unsupportive teacher. We would be so relieved if he were at a school where the staff was fully engaged and interested. He would be so much happier and, more than anything else, that is what I would like for him for the next 3 years.
Thanks again for taking the time to write.
P.S. I agree that a good mix of English and foreign students is beneficial

user1476983128 Thu 13-Apr-17 15:34:38

Thank you, Vixsatis. That's exactly what we needed to hear. Our son is keen to board, but one is naturally slightly hesitant without hearing from parents how good the pastoral care is. Thank you for the reassurance.

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