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gsenior1968 Mon 10-Apr-17 20:33:52

Hi. I am thinking of setting up a place in Coventry where people can come after school and get on with their work. The original idea was for an office space that just teachers got to use for marking and preparation, but ... two things cross my mind
(i) If you are a parent who employs a tutor, would you rather your child met the tutor in a neutral venue designed for teaching and learning or do you still think it's better to have the tutor come to your house or you go to where s/he works?
(ii) If you were a kid above a certain age, i.e. doing GCSEs or A levels, would you like a place to work after the school library has shut that isn't your own bedroom where there are text books and people on hand to offer advice while you (the parent) are still at work?
All thoughts and comment gratefully received. You can also find out more via or come to our Open Evenings in September, the link for which appears below

EndoplasmicReticulum Tue 11-Apr-17 20:33:38

As a private tutor I would find such a space quite useful. I usually go to student's houses, sometimes this means a bit of a journey for me so a central space would be worth considering (although not for me, I'm nowhere near Coventry). If you were near schools or colleges you might find 6th form students interested - lots use our local library for studying / meeting friends, they say it's a good way to get some work done as it has a productive atmosphere (and free WiFi and a coffee machine).

BackforGood Tue 11-Apr-17 21:09:11

I think it has potential - things to think about......
1. how do you expect to fund it? Do the GCSE students / 6th formers have to pay to get in?
2. Who is it that would be 'on hand' to help ? Subject tutors?
3. What sort of time do you intend to be open until? Is it directly after school until 6 - 6.30ish ? or is it during the evenings when you might settle to work after you've gone home and got changed / had something to eat?
4. I see you say GCSE students upwards - would someone be monitoring that they are working? If so, what happens if they are not? If not, then how is it any better than being at home ?

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