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William Hogarth School Chiswick

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Wagmum4215 Sat 01-Apr-17 01:27:19

Hi All,

Are there any mums in Chiswick who can tell me abit more about William Hogarth school please?
My DS has been offered a reception place here.But after viewing I was disappointed with General surroundings and how far away from Chiswick High Road it was.School itself not bad teachers very friendly but not sure it would be right fit for us ultimately.The bar has been set at high standard from previous preschool/nursery and from both mine and my husbands schooling (private).I know this is the only state school available in Chiswick at present which she's been offered a place at.However I do feel it's so crucial getting schooling right from such a young age.I don't see why because we weren't offered any of our preference schools we should have to settle,even though we're late in applying.Would love to get other parents thoughts locally on this school or if your children go here what your experience is of the school?Please be honest and give truthful feedback,much appreciated confused]smile

Much Love ❤️

Mary21 Sat 01-Apr-17 09:10:27

I don't know the school personally however if you don't think it's a good fit you can go on the waiting lists of all the primaries you do like. Chiswick does have a fluid population and the time just before starting reception is a time when families move. It is also an area where some families will opt to go private. This doesn't mean you will get a waiting list place but you may.

Reasontobelieve Sat 01-Apr-17 21:19:57

I live very near the school and know that it is held in high regard by parents with children there. It has an active and supportive PTA, which is always a good sign. All the children that I have ever met from there have been lovely.

It is only about 8 minutes walk from Chiswick High Road and there us only one other primary school that would be nearer.

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